Lord of Tears

The Owlman Strikes Again in New Lord of Tears Prank Video

Lawrie Brewster has been scaring the ever loving shit out of people with his macabre creation "The Owlman" from his film Lord of Tears (review), and right now we have yet another prank video for you guys to dig on! Do yourself a favor! Get a copy of this flick NOW!

Lord of Tears (UK Blu-ray)

Starring Euan Douglas, Lexy Hulme, Jamie Gordon, David Schofield Directed by Lawrie Brewster Distributed by Hex Media

Massive Lord of Tears Update

Lawrie Brewster just wrote in with a major update on his film Lord of Tears. Let's just say that a lot has happened since we first told you about this flick way back in March of 2013. All good. All spooky. Dig it!

Don't Get Weepy Over These Stills, Trailer and Artwork for Lord of Tears

There's a new film coming out of Scotland that just dropped a pretty interesting trailer. We also have a few stills and some artwork for the flick. Take your first look at Lord of Tears, and let us know what you think.