Lon Chaney

Industrial Artists Frausun Release Classic Phantom Film with New Score

We love things that are in the "public domain". They allow artists to use existing art as a launching point for their own creations, and that's never a bad thing in our book. Case in point: Dallas-based industrial twosome Frausun have created an original score to accompany Lon Chaney's classic The Phantom of the Opera. After performing the score live at popular Dallas venue La Grange, they have now released the film complete with the new score.

Phantom of the Opera, The (Blu-ray)

Starring Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Virginia Pearson, Norman Kerry Directed by Rupert Julian

Check Out Some Classic Horror in Dallas This Thursday, September 15th

Texas has become a hotbed of horror, and Dallas is the epicenter. With the massive haunt season just kicking off this weekend, it's only appropriate that one of DFW's coolest venues hosts a night of classic horror. La Grange, in the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, is hosting a double-feature this Thursday, September 15th, that genre fans in the area won't want to miss.

Image Goes the Extra Mile on The Phantom of the Opera on Blu-ray

You want to talk about delivering the goods? Wait until you read the latest on Image Entertainment's upcoming delivery of the original Phantom of the Opera on Blu-ray! It's a great day to be a fan of classic horror!

Image Bringing the Original Phantom of the Opera to Blu-ray

There are few films more revered than Rupert Julian's silent Lon Chaney starrer, Phantom of the Opera. The film just bleeds the word "classic", and with Image Entertainment behind the Blu-ray release, you know the upcoming release is in good hands.