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CBS Gives Kevin Williamson's New Pilot a Name and a Pickup Order

With all the TV news we've been getting the last few days, CBS has been rather quiet, but that changed today with the announcement that the network has picked up Kevin Williamson's pilot, which now has a title. Read on for the details!

Maggie Q Joins Kevin Williamson's Pilot for CBS

The female lead in Kevin Williamson's still untitled pilot for CBS has been found, and it's the always kick-ass Maggie Q, best known for her title role in "Nikita."

Cast for Kevin Williamson's New Pilot for CBS Grows by One

More TV casting news hit our radar today: Kevin Williamson's still untitled pilot for CBS has landed "True Blood's" Mariana Klaveno in the supporting role of a detective. C'mon, Kev - it's been weeks. Pick a title already, please!

Lead Found for Kevin Williamson's New Pilot for CBS

Ever since we heard at the end of January that Kevin Williamson is working on a new pilot for CBS, we've been hungry for more details; and today they have come, including who his lead actor is. Read on for the details.

The Grown-Ups Take Center Stage in a Sneak Peek of The Secret Circle Episode 1.13 - Medallion

While we may not have missed this week's episode of "The Secret Circle" quite as much as "The Vampire Diaries", we are intrigued to see exactly where the show is heading, and this sneak peek of the upcoming Episode 1.13, "Medallion", featuring Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge is definitely a step in the right direction.

Andrew Miller Previews The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither; Series Given Full Season Order

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, The CW has announced a full season order for its rookie series "The Secret Circle". If you're a fan of the show, why not celebrate by watching the just released preview of tomorrow night's Episode 1.05, "Slither", hosted by executive producer Andrew Miller?

Image Gallery for The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither

Things are definitely heating up on "The Secret Circle" what with one member of the Circle having been, shall we say, "tainted" by the events of last week. Check out this new image gallery from the upcoming episode, "Slither", to see if it provides any clues as to the cure.

A Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither

If you've been watching "The Secret Circle", then you must have been as happy as we were at the turn of events last night. Finally some black magic and even a demon reared their ugly heads, and it did nothing but help the show. Hopefully such events will continue next week; check out this teaser trailer from Episode 1.05, "Slither", and let us know what you think.

Thursday, October 13th on The CW: Episode Synopses for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle

Tonight the second episodes of the season are airing for both "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Secret Circle", but the network is already looking ahead to the fifth episodes of each show, having released the synopses for them earlier today. Read on for details about TVD's "The Reckoning" and TSC's "Slither".

Producer Previews for This Week's Episodes of The Vampire Diaires and The Secret Circle

Last week's debut pairing of "The Vampire Diaries" with "The Secret Circle" gave The CW some of its best ratings ever, and that trend is likely to continue tomorrow. To help whet everyone's appetites for both shows, the network has released preview videos featuring TVD executive producer Julie Plec introducing "The Hybrid" and TSC co-executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson promising you're about to see powers that are raging out of control in "Bound".

Stills from The Secret Circle Episode 2 - Bound; Bewitch Your Friends with the Spell Caster

The premiere of executive producer Kevin Williamson's new series for The CW, "The Secret Circle", has come and gone, and since everyone knows pilots mainly exist to introduce us to the players, we're ready for Episode 2 - "Bound" - in order to really see what's in store for us. Check out some stills from "Bound", and then head back here on Friday to let us know what you thought of the ep.

The Secret Circle CENTRAL - Prep for the Premiere with Interviews, Image Gallery and Videos

Since "The Secret Circle" series is premiering on The CW tonight (September 15th) right after "The Vampire Diaries", we have put together a neat package of our past coverage to help you decide whether or not to stay put for the extra hour. Who are we kidding? If you already watch "The Vampire Diaries", chances are you'll stay for "The Secret Circle", especially with Kevin Williamson (a new interview with him is included here as well) running this show.

Get a Glimpse of What the Circle Holds in New Series Featurette for The Secret Circle

Just when we thought The CW was done doling out the goods for its new series "The Secret Circle", debuting tomorrow night, September 15th, at 9:00 pm, they've provided us with a new featurette that gives us a glimpse at what the "circle" holds. Dig it!

Lose Control with the New Promo Video for The Secret Circle

Just a few hours stand between now and the series premiere of "The Secret Circle" on The CW this Thursday, September 15th, and the network has saved the best for last in terms of promos for the show. Check out the "Losing Control" video - and don't adjust your monitor. "It's seductive, selfish, and dangerous. We're sorry, but you have lost control."

The Secret Circle: Meet Melissa, the Bad Girl's Best Friend

From everything we're hearing about "The Secret Circle", it sounds like once we get through the first couple of episodes, we can expect shit to be hitting the fan in typical Kevin Williamson fashion. First, though, we have to get to know the characters, and helping in that regard is today's video interview with Jessica Parker Kennedy, who introduces us to Melissa, bad girl Faye's best friend.