Little Red Riding Hood

B-Sides: A Skunk Sings a Love Song to a Parrot

You are not drunk and you are not high. Well, maybe you are right now. Not like I’m peeping in your windows. What you are about to witness is not a chemical-induced hallucination. A skunk really does sing a love song to a parrot, and it's not a cartoon either.

Some Familiar Fairy Tales Getting a Facelift from Syfy

If you've been thinking that the old staple movie-of-the-week is dying a slow death nowadays, think again because Syfy is keeping the tradition alive via its Saturday night made-for-TV movies. And things are about to get even more interesting as the network preps five titles that give a contemporary twist on classic fairy tales.

Catherine Hardwicke Eying The Girl with the Red Riding Hood

Catherine Hardwicke may be moving up from the boyish werewolves of Twilight to the Big Bad Wolf himself if things work out in her negotiations with Warners to direct The Girl with the Red Riding Hood for Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production company.

DiCaprio in the Mood for Red Riding Hood

I was not aware that Leonardo DiCaprio had his own production company named Appian Way. According to Variety, Appian Way has partnered with Orphan screenwriter David Leslie Johnson to develop a Gothic reimagining of the classic children's tale Little Red Riding Hood.