Up Next Is the First Clip from You're Next

Ready to spend about 32 seconds witnessing some of the criminally insane madness that you'll find in Lionsgate's summertime terror tale You're Next? Well then, you, my friend, are in an extreme amount of luck! Dig it!

Second You're Next TV Spot Home to Helpful Reminders

Ever go to sleep with your door unlocked or your windows open? Do you feel that secure in your neighborhood? Well, the second TV spot for Lionsgate's summertime terror tale You're Next may just put you in an altogether different mind set!

The Soska Sisters Set to Helm See No Evil 2; WWE Superstar Kane Returning in Lead Role

WWE Studios and Lionsgate announced today that production on See No Evil 2, the follow-up to their 2006 horror release See No Evil, is scheduled to start in fall 2013 with Kane returning in the lead role and the Soska Sisters directing.

Cas Anvar to Offer Medical Assistance to The Vatican Tapes

When exorcising a demon from a helpless human, it may be a good idea to have a doctor on hand to deal with any problems that happen to arise during the procedure. You know, like holy water burns, head rotations, etc.

Highly Acclaimed You're Next Quad Poster

This new UK quad one-sheet for Lionsgate's summertime terror tale You're Next may not be much to look at but it sure has a whole hell of a lot to say! Check it out and get excited, kids! This is the real deal!

First TV Spot for You're Next Invades Your Home

On tap right now is the very first TV spot for Lionsgate's summertime terror tale You're Next, and it proves... beyond a shadow of a doubt... the last place you are truly safe is within the comfort of your own home. Check it out!

Creepy You're Next Viral Marketing Assaults New York and LA

In the movie business marketing is as important as the movies themselves because that's what gets asses in seats. Thus far, the marketing for one of this year's most anticipated horror films has been absolutely off the charts awesome, leaving many excited horror fans in its wake.

The Gang's All Here on Aussie You're Next One-Sheet

The Australian one-sheet for You're Next has hit the international shores of the Internet, and we've got it for you right here. Check it out and continue counting the days till the release of this exceptional little film!

Foxy New Still From You're Next

The animals are drawing near, and You're Next. What will you do? Where will you hide? They will enter your home. They will take away whatever safety net you have devised for yourself. Will you survive the night, or will you just be meat for the beast?

Aaron Eckhart and Yvonne Strahovski Share a Moment in New I, Frankenstein Still

It took us awhile to get this story up as MattFini was hoarding the following image like Daffy Duck with a newly discovered pearl in a clam. In any event, we wrestled it away from him and here it is.

#SDCC 2013: Kevin Grevioux Talks I, Frankenstein

Evan Dickson from Bloody Disgusting just wrote in with some comments from Underworld star Kevin Grevioux regarding his new film I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, and Aden Young as Victor Frankenstein.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Have a 3-Way with I, Frankenstein

Hovering above the main and massive San Diego Comic-Con ballroom is a new banner in promotion of I, Frankenstein which, appropriately enough, stitches together the three one-sheets from earlier this week. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Happy Con Goers Reminded - You're Next

There's nothing like adding a little terror to an overly joyous event, and we can only hope that as soon as the anime kids finish dancing annoyingly in the aisle, they'll look up for a grim reminder from Lionsgate. Ah, yes! That's the good stuff!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Exclusive New Masters of the Web Edition Poster for You're Next; Screening and Panel Reminder

It's hard to believe it's already once again time for Comic-Con, but in just a few hours those Convention Center doors will open and the pop culture-loving masses will be swarming all over San Diego.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: A Trio of New I, Frankenstein Character Posters

From Comic Book Resources, MTV, and Slash Film come a trio of new one-sheets in support of Lionsgate's I, Frankenstein; and we have each of them for you right here without all the excess surfing!