Lindsey Kraft

First Image Found Hidden Amongst the Wayward Pines

Does the "Wayward Pines" combination of the name "M. Night Shyamalan" with the words "Television Presentation" send a shiver down your spine? It should. The guy hasn't made anything good in ages. He's due for a hit, no? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Beuller?

Hope Davis and Justin Kirk Will Learn About Real Estate in Wayward Pines

Oh, look! It's a news story that has nothing to do with AFM. Isn't it cute? We just wanna pinch it. Two more actors have boarded M. Night Shyamalan's small screen project "Wayward Pines." Read on for details.

Wayward Pines Gets a Professional Tweeter

Only in the mysterious world of M. Night Shyamalan can a character who's dubbed as a "Professional Tweeter" possibly exist. I mean this cannot possibly be a real title, can it? Either way, read on for more "Wayward Pines" casting news.