Liam Neeson

Christina Ricci Dead in After.Life Trailer

Finally the trailer for Anchor Bay's After.Life has hit online -- your inevitable disappointment? It's not a red band that showcases a nude Ricci playing dead! Hey, gotta save something for the limited theatrical and DVD release, right?

Floating Heads Prevail in Theatrical One-Sheet for After.life

Who needs a cool poster when you can have one showcasing floating heads in varying degrees of pensive fright? Yep, Anchor Bay's After.Life is the latest victim in the endless line of the artistic fad of the head fetish.

Anchor Bay Heads into the After.Life This April

Earlier in the month Anchor Bay announced that they'd acquired the Agnieszka Wotowicz-Vosloo helmed thriller After.Life, and today they've announced that it will head out into theatres in a limited release on April 9th.

Hear from Perseus, Zeus, Hades & More in Clash of the Titans Featurette

A new video featuring stars Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, and Alexa Davalos along with director Louis Leterrier and producer Basil Iwanyk has surfaced to help get you even more excited about the April 2nd premiere of Clash of the Titans in 3D.

After.Life Heads to Theatres This Spring

Following up on the news story of a couple of days ago regarding Anchor Bay acquiring the rights to Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's After.Life, it appears that the good folks at AB are looking to give this unnerving little flick a bit of a theatrical run!

Anchor Bay Sails into the After.Life

Remember that scene in The Serpent and the Rainbow when the main character was poisoned and appeared medically dead? That's a pretty horrifying notion. Imagine that being the whole film, and there you have Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's After.Life.

Frank Langella Bringing his Whole Face to Unknown White Male

And the cast for Jaume Collet-Serra's newest flick Unknown White Male has expanded by one. And boy is it a a good one.

January Jones and Diane Kruger Join Liam Neeson in Unknown White Male

I'm a lifelong fan of Jaume Collet-Serra thanks to this summer's Orphan, so sign me up for this sucker already. Apparently January Jones and Diane Kruger feel the same way.

Liam Neeson is an Unknown White Male

Fresh off his stint working with 33-year-old Communist dwarfs who sound like Dracula, director Jaume Collet-Serra is set to helm yet another film for Dark Castle Entertainment, and he's bringing a Jedi with him!

Danny Huston Set to Clash as Poseidon

For my money, the best part of 30 Days of Night was vamp leader Marlow, portrayed by Danny Huston, even though he was sadly under-utilized. Hopefully Huston will get a little bit more screen in his upcoming role as Poseidon in the Clash of the Titans remake.

Neeson Talks After.Life

Now here’s a flick we’ve not heard about in a while; Agineszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo’s After.Life, the story of a girl stuck between this world and the next and the funeral director who may be trying to bury her alive.

Ricci & Neeson Head to After.Life

And here I was getting ready to write this one off as DOA. It’s been a long time since any movement’s taken place on After.Life, the feature debut of Agnieszka Wotowicz-Vosloo (try saying that three times fast) about a woman caught between life and death. Today Variety announced that not only is it not dead, it’s more alive then ever thanks to some great casting!