Levan Bakhia

247 Degrees F (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Christina Ulloa, Travis Van Winkle, Michael Copon, Tyler Mane

AFM 2011: 247°F Lets You Get Sweaty With Scout Taylor-Compton! First Stills, Art, and Trailer!

For most horror fans the prospect of heating things up with the lovely Scout Taylor-Compton is nothing short of irresistible. I mean, who could blame you? That's exactly what happens when Pouty Scouty and her pals check into the sauna from hell in 247°F.

Halloween Stars Reunite in a Sauna Set to 247°F

Surely we’ve all seen a movie or TV show where someone attempted to commit murder by locking someone in a sauna and setting the heat to full blast. But a whole survival horror movie built around three people trapped in a sauna as the temperature rises to a dangerous 247°F? That’s a new one.