Letia Clouston

Filming Wraps on All-Female Slasher The 6th Friend

It's been just about a year since we last reported on Letia Clouston's The 6th Friend, which immediately piqued our interest thanks to its all-female cast. Today comes word that filming has wrapped, bringing the paranormal slasher ever closer into our lives. Read on!

Exclusive Cast Update - Writer/Actress Jamie Bernadette Talks The 6th Friend

Another entry in the slasher genre is gearing up for principal photography, and we caught up with The 6th Friend writer and actress Jamie Bernadette to get an update on the "party gone awry" flick. Read on!

Exclusive: Writer/Actress Jamie Bernadette Talks The 6th Friend

WARNING: When combined, women, narcotics, epic partying and an uninvited sixth friend may result in serious bodily harm, dismemberation and/or death. Proceed cautiously.