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Another Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 309 - The Suicide King; Chad Coleman Talks the Challenges of Playing Tyreese

Waiting for the return of "The Walking Dead" is unbearable, but to help ease the pain, we have another look at Episode 3.09, "The Suicide King," along with some comments from Tyreese himself, Chad Coleman.

The Walking Dead - New Image Reveals MAJOR Spoiler for Mid-Season Return; Debunked.

Sometimes we get stuff sent to us here at Dread Central that leaves us utterly conflicted in regards to whether or not we're going to share it with you.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and a Sneak Peek of Episode 309 - The Suicide King

In what's probably the final Q&A for "The Walking Dead" of the year, Andrew Lincoln (aka Rick Grimes) talks about turning into a real-life Southerner and describes what it's like to rip his guts out on set.

Two Clips from True Blood Episode 5.11 - Sunset

The sun is about to set on Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood," and we have a couple of clips from this week's penultimate episode, appropriately entitled "Sunset." Is Jason about to undergo a transformation?

Preview of True Blood Episode 5.11 - Sunset; Synopsis of the Season 5 Finale - Save Yourself

After loving the "True Blood" Vampire Authority earlier this season, we're now ready for things to come to a head with that group and for Bill and Eric to get back to Bon Temps. Check out this preview of Episode 5.11, "Sunset," to see if we get our wish.