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The Hunger Games: New Trailer, New Still, and IMAX News!

For fans of The Hunger Games today must feel like Christmas. Along with the debut of the second trailer for the film, we have a new still and information on its limited one-week engagement in IMAX theatres.

New The Hunger Games One-Sheet Takes Aim

More eye candy has come for Lionsgate's next bankable franchise, The Hunger Games, and as always we have every scorching pixel of it right here for you to dig upon. Or ignore. Want it? Have at it!

Hot New Still from The Hunger Games

Is it just us, or does it seem like EW has become The Hunger Games' personal PR outlet? They're always getting the new stuff! Case in point: this photo released today of Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) readying a final flaming flourish to Peeta and Katniss’ (Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence) black costumes.

In Training with Another Still From The Hunger Games

Hungry for a new still from The Hunger Games? Yeah, we weren't either. Still, one of Katniss and Peeta in their District 12 uniforms has slipped online, and we have it for you right here! Check it out!

The Hunger Games - Full Image Gallery and Character One-Sheet Gallery Now Online

A slew of new images and one-sheets have been released recently for Lionsgate's upcoming franchise known as The Hunger Games, and we have every single pixel of them for you right here. Check them out and pray to the video gods that this is better than that crappy Twilight stuff.

Elizabeth Banks Featured in New Promo Poster for The Hunger Games

It may be considered the newest darling of the tweener crowd, but so far everything we've seen from The Hunger Games film adaptation has looked pretty promising, including this latest bit of promo in the form of an ad for China Glaze's "Capitol Colours" series of nail polishes featuring Elizabeth Banks' character, District 12 escort Effie Trinket.

Poster Premiere for The Hunger Games

Man, the studios are sure in a mad dash to get out their stuff for the holidays! Next on tap for you guys is a new one-sheet for Lionsgate's big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games. Check it out!

New Hunger Games Image Escorted Online

Excited for Lionsgate's big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games? Then wake up from your tryptophan induced coma and focus your gravy-filled peepers right here for a new still!

New The Hunger Games Stills; Lionsgate Already Pursuing a Writer for the Sequel, Catching Fire

Hot on the heels of releasing the official trailer for The Hunger Games, Lionsgate has provided People Magazine with a few new stills from the film. In addition, we've heard some rumblings about the studio already attempting to lock in a writer for the sequel, entitled Catching Fire.

The Hunger Games Trailer Makes an Impressive Debut

As someone who hasn't read The Hunger Games books, I've been anxiously awaiting the film's trailer in order to see what all the fuss is about, and I have to admit it's pretty impressive. Check it out and see if you don't agree that Lionsgate has a winner on its hands!

The Hunger Games: Image Gallery of all the District Seals

A short while ago the first District Seals from The Hunger Games began making their way online, and now, thanks to the magic of Facebook, we have a full gallery of all 12 Seals along with the list of what each District stands for.

Lionsgate Stretching Three The Hunger Games Books into Four Films

Another day, another The Hunger Games story. But this one isn't about casting; it's about profits for Lionsgate, whose executives confirmed today that even though the literary franchise created by Suzanne Collins is comprised of just three books, the film franchise will be made up of four features.

Meet The Hunger Games' President Snow: Donald Sutherland

Every good horror story needs a badass villain to give its heroes a run for their money. In the case of The Hunger Games, that role is filled by President Coriolanus Snow, and who better to play the big bad than acting legend Donald Sutherland?

Casting News for The Hunger Games - Four More Roles Filled

The names Toby Jones, Amber Chaney, Nelson Ascencio, and Kimiko Gelman may not be all that familiar to you now, but these four actors have joined the ever-expanding cast of The Hunger Games in fairly minor, yet still influential, roles. Read on for who's playing whom!

Lenny Kravitz Ready to Play The Hunger Games

Apparently opening for one of the world's biggest rock bands (U2) isn't enough for Lenny Kravitz as he's recently joined one of the world's biggest casts (The Hunger Games) in the role of Cinna, stylist to the star of the Games, Katniss Everdeen.