Len Wiseman

Kiss this New Total Recall Clip Goodbye

Go ahead. Do it. No one is watching. Now is the perfect time. Kiss the screen. Kiss it. Tongue is optional. Caress your mouse. Take your time with the keystrokes. Yeah, that's it. Don't forget to clean up after watching this latest clip of course.

New Total Recall Clip Plays the Old Bait and Switch

What can you do with two weeks? In the world of Total Recall, a whole hell of a lot. Dig on this latest clip from Len Wiseman's summer blockbuster right here. Then decide if you want to remember it or just erase it.

International Total Recall Banners Have Lots of Character

Some new international character banners from Len Wiseman's take on Total Recall have hit the interwebs complete with Taiwanese letters that both frighten and confuse our frail American minds. Check 'em out!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Total Recall Press Conference Coverage featuring Director Len Wiseman, Stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Bryan Cranston

During the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Dread Central had the chance to sit in on the press conference for the upcoming film Total Recall.

Fox Shopping New Sleepy Hollow Series with Len Wiseman Attached to Direct

The tale of the infamous Headless Horseman is one that has permeated every aspect of pop culture from books to movies and beyond. Hell, he even makes a guest appearance in Skyrim for god's sake! Now he may be galloping his spectral way to the small screen.

The Fight Is on in Latest Total Recall Clip; Get a Quick Glimpse of the Film's Three-Boobed Wonder

True story... We actually got in trouble with Google once for posting a picture of the three-boobed hooker from the original Total Recall. So what if it was a rubber appliance? It was deemed offensive! Maybe they'll like this latest photo more. Oh, and we have a new clip, too.

Get Activated by New Total Recall Clip

Alrighty then! Time for yet another clip from Len Wiseman's take on Total Recall. Why do we get the feeling we're gonna be seeing at least one of these per day until the film's release? Can nothing be saved for theatres anymore?

New Total Recall Clip Will Have You Eating Lead

Time to get all fired up about this latest clip from Total Recall as it's rife with gunplay. Glorious gunplay! Read on for the latest bit of eye candy, and make sure you're wearing your Kevlar. You just can't be too safe, ya know?

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Total Recall Footage Description

So what was shown at this year's San Diego Comic-Com for Total Recall? Read on for all the details and maybe some talk of a three-boobed hooker or two. Or just be an info miser and go in to theatres blind.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Total Recall Shows Off New Art, New Still, and Some Wondrous Toys!

The good folks behind the upcoming Total Recall remake are looking to impress at this year's San Diego Comic-Con as they showed up with lots of eye candy. Of course we were there snapping away for you cats. And we also landed a new still to share!

Total Recall - Live a Fantasy Life and Win Real World Prizes

Have a Facebook page? Like winning free stuff? Looking forward to the new Total Recall flick? If you answered yes to any of these questions, listen up, take heed, and have some fun as reality is about to be altered for the better.

The Verdict's In - Does the Total Recall Remake Keep the Original's R Rating?

The original Total Recall was a solid R-rated film. The remake? Not so much. The MPAA has spoken, and Len Wiseman's reboot merits only a PG-13 with "intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, some sexual content, brief nudity, and language".

New Total Recall Stills Show Off Nothing

Up for seeing Colin Farrell sitting, lying down, or walking? Then you, my friend, have hit pay dirt as these newly releases stills will definitely do the trick for you. Check back next week when we show you stills of Farrell staring off into space.

Second Total Recall Trailer Brings Action to Mind

The second trailer for the Mars-less (and some would say pointless) remake of Total Recall is here to remind you that you will not be seeing any exploding heads or deformed speaking growths named Kuato, but possibly three boobs! Dig it!

Total Recall Viral Art Explosion

If you've been driving around a big city lately, you probably have seen all of the billboard and bus shelter artwork for Total Recall. If not, don't worry; we've got you more than covered as we have the whole enchilada right here in one place! Dig it!