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Leisure Books Calls for "Fresh Blood"

Attention wannabe writers! Attention noob writers! Do you want your chance to become rich, famous, and published by one of the largest horror publishers in the business? Leisure Books just announced that, in partnership with Rue Morgue Magazine and horror fiction site ChiZine, they will present a new writing contest specifically for unpublished horror authors. And what will the first prize be, you might ask?

Dark Mountain (Book)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Written by Richard Laymon Published by Leisure Books Like all great authors of our time, Richard Laymon had his share of peaks and valleys during his career. Dark Mountain is one of those valleys but, just like sex and pizza, even bad Richard Laymon is still pretty damn good.

Soultaker (Book)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Written by Bryan Smith Published by Leisure Books

Jake's Wake (Book)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Written by John Skipp & Cody Goodfelllow Published by Leisure Books

John Everson's Covenant Tour Dates!

Fans of John Everson's Bram Stoker Award winning book, Covenant (review), will have a chance to meet the author and have their copy of the novel personalized as early as this Friday.