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Fourth and Final Pacific Rim Trailer Brings on the Goods!

Zero hour is coming, kids. In just over a week Guillermo del Toro's epic-sized monster vs. robot beat 'em up, Pacific Rim, will be exploding into theatres, and right now we have a new trailer to get you all sweaty with anticipation.

Good Morning Godzilla - Things Get Hot in Canada

One of the things that annoyed us more than anything in the last American Godzilla flick was the fact that the Iguana-Chicken looking thing didn't even have the common friggin' courtesy to breathe fire. This doesn't seen to be the case with Legendary's new film.

Ron Perlman Has Your Pacific Rim Kaiju Remedies Right Here!

Sometimes we come across a video that speaks so much for itself that we really don't have much to add to do it service. This is one of those times. Behold the glory of this latest viral video for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim!

More Monsters! More Robots! More Pacific Rim Posters!

Two new one-sheets have arrived for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim showcasing another robot and another monster, and we have 'em both for ya right here. Check them out, and look for a full review soon! Zero hour approaches, kids! Be ready!

Good Morning Godzilla - Behind-the-Scenes Potpourri

On tap right now are several new paparazzi pics from the set of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla. Full disclosure - not a whole hell of a lot here that we haven't seen before, but hey! What the hell, right?

Batter Up for a New Pacific Rim Clip

Another new clip from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is ready to hit the ball outta the park, and we have it for you right here on deck. Check it out, and keep counting the days until this flick's release!

Spend 12 Minutes Inside Pacific Rim and Dig on Some New One-Sheets!

Ahoy, giant robot and monster lovers! We're just a couple of short weeks away from the release of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, and to usher the flick in properly, we have a new featurette, another TV spot, and some monstrous new posters for ya! Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - The Military Flies The Unfriendly Skies

Alrighty, so the ground offensive isn't exactly going great for the military. I mean... that's just what happens when you're fighting a gigantic monster. The probability of getting crushed is pretty damned high! Maybe the troops in the air will fare better?

Two Brainy New Pacific Rim Clips Bring on the Monsters

It's kind of bothersome that mostly non-genre related sites have been getting the Pacific Rim goodies while the horror sites are very much their target audience, but Warner Bros. is doing whatever it can to capture as much of the outside demographic as possible, so whatever. Either way... here are two new bits of goodness!

Pacific Rim Promo Effort Ramps Up with a New Clip and a Featurette

Pacific Rim is supposedly lagging pretty far behind Grown Ups 2 in the world of box office tracking, but in our world, we know it's gonna kick major ass, as evidenced by the new clip and "Under Attack" featurette just released.

The Seventh Son Release Date Moved Once Again

It's been several months since we last heard anything new about The Seventh Son, which was supposed to be heading our way in October (after already being pushed back from February, 2013), but now it makes sense since it's been bumped again.

First Pacific Rim Clip Underscores the Fact that Idris Elba Should NOT Be Screwed With

Ever since we first watched him on HBO's "The Wire," we knew that Idris Elba was not someone you wanted to mess around with. Even though Omar didn't scare. That being said, this latest Pacific Rim clip has quite a temper.

Pacific Rim TV Spot Number 8,853,765,899 Crashes Ashore

Another TV spot for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim has arrived and according to it it's number 6. Honestly it seems as if we've seen a lot more than just that but who cares? Bring on number 8,853,765,900!

CONTEST CLOSED! Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim - Monster-Sized Contest

You want a gigantic, monster-sized epic of a Pacific Rim contest? You have GOT a gigantic, monster-sized epic of a Pacific Rim contest! Read on for your chance to win some amazing swag so you can gear up for the film's release!

Good Morning Godzilla - Is This the Beginning of Our End? Japan Under Quarantine!

This latest batch of images gives us time to speculate on the origins surrounding Godzilla in the new flick from Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers. Japan is "officially" under quarantine, and we've got the shots and more!