Lee Perkins

Lee Perkins Talks Slime City Massacre

Lee Perkins checked in with us a little while ago with some additional info on his latest project Slime City Massacre, including an interview and more!

Live Evil Coming to Theatres This September!

As proof that sometimes the little guy does indeed get a break, we got word this morning that Jay Woelfel's indie film Live Evil has gotten itself theatrical distribution.

Japanese Edges of Darkness Poster

It's been a while since we've gotten an update on the indie anthology Edges of Darkness, but today one of its stars, Lee Perkins, dropped us a line with a peek at the film's new Japanese poster.

Slime City Massacre Update & Teaser

Actor Lee Perkins dropped us a line today to let us know that actress and Playboy model Angelina Leigh has joined him in the cast of Slime City Massacre, Greg Lamberson's sequel to his 1980's cult hit Slime City, which we first told you about a few weeks ago.

Lee Perkins Ready to Be Slimed

No, we're not talking about Ghostbusters again. This time "sliming" refers to a new indie project, Slime City Massacre, Gregory Lamberson's follow-up to 1988's Slime City.

Carnies is a Wrap!

There’s just nothing quite like a bloody old fashioned freak show. Word is coming from director Brian Corder that his new film Carnies has reached a state of geek completion.

New Teaser for Edges of Darkness

We just got a heads up that there’s another new teaser online for the indie anthology Edges of Darkness, which is comprised of three tales set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. Still no word on a release for the film yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

Live Evil Poster Lives!

This morning we got a heads up from indie workhorse Lee Perkins about the poster for one of his latest starring roles, Live Evil. The poster is below; it was first seen at AFM but apparently we missed it...

New Trailer for Live Evil

In the future vampires and creatures less than vampires fight one another for the honor of feasting on the last remaining pureblooded humans. You see, anything that can possibly change our blood makes it instantly undrinkable for a vampire. At least that’s the future according to Jay Woelfel’s Live Evil.

Katiebird Directed to Animate Living Corpse

Ever-busy genre actor Lee Perkins (Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person, Live Evil) jut dropped us a line with some very cool early info on one of his next projects. Perkins is getting ready to transition from the world of physical acting to voice acting for Justin Paul Ritter’s The Living Corpse!

Perkins Updates on Darkness, Evil

Prolific indie actor Lee Perkins (Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person) sent us an update this morning on a couple of his horror projects, and since he’s a cool guy and you all are cool readers, I thought it only right to share.

Zombie Anthology Darkness Wraps

Versatile (and incredibly busy) indie actor Lee Perkins (KatieBird: Certifiable Crazy Person) just dropped us a line with the good news that production on the anthology Edges of Darkness has wrapped! He was also kind enough to send us the shot of himself (in the role of a priest battling the Antichrist), which you can click on to see much bigger.

Lee Perkins' Massive Indie Slate

There are really only two ways to make it acting, I think, pretty much the same as the two ways to make it in music; work your ass off day and night and do whatever is handed to you in the hopes that someone, someday will give you your "big break", or get discovered early on by some bigwig director and become the next Collin Farrell, who for a while was in everything and no one knew why.

Carnies Trailer Lives!

Just got a heads up from Brian Corder, director of the upcoming indie horror flick Carnies, that the first teaser trailer has made its way online via the sickos over at Toxic TV. Doug Jones, Chris Stvaiski, Dave Markham and Reggie Bannister star in this twisted tale of murder and mayhem at a travailing carnival during the 1940’s.

A Visit to the Set of Carnies!

So my good friend Reggie Bannister gave me a call and asked if I would like to drive out to Ontario, CA to visit the set of his new film Carnies. I didn’t have anything going on and I always love seeing the Reg-man work, so I hopped in the car and headed up the 909.