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Robert Kirkman Talks Upcoming Episodes of The Walking Dead

Here's a happy surprise... Showrunner Glen Mazzara is kicking ass with AMC's "The Walking Dead", taking the reins after Frank Darabont's highly controversial dismissal. Dare we say it; the last two episodes have been the best of the season. So what surprises lay ahead?

The Walking Dead: Visual Effects Breakdown and a Second Teaser from Episode 2.10 - 18 Miles Out

Ever wonder how the CGI masters at Stargate Studios fill in the gaps between reality and what you see on TV during "The Walking Dead"? Then this Visual Effects Breakdown video is for you! And once you're done with that, we have another sneak peek of Episode 2.10, "18 Miles Out".

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene); a Sneak Peek of Episode 2.10 - 18 Miles Out

In last night's episode of "The Walking Dead", seeds were sown for the inevitable Rick vs. Shane showdown, and we can't wait! But first here's a Q&A with Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel, and a sneak peek of upcoming Episode 2.10, "18 Miles Out".

The Walking Dead Sets Another Basic Cable Record; Stills from Episode 2.09 - Triggerfinger

Zombies sure are popular these days - so popular, in fact, that AMC’s February 12th mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” became the strongest telecast for any drama in basic cable history. To celebrate, we have a few stills from the upcoming Episode 2.09, "Triggerfinger".

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes); a Sneak Peek of Episode 2.09 - Triggerfinger

One thing's for sure after last night's return of "The Walking Dead": Rick Grimes is finally becoming as badass on TV as he is in the comics! Here's a Q&A with actor Andrew Lincoln, who portrays Grimes, along with a look at next week's Episode 2.09, "Triggerfinger".

Another Teaser Trailer for The Walking Dead's Return; A Multimedia Flipbook Interview with Greg Nicotero

It's getting so close we can smell it...and rotting corpses never smelled so sweet! Yep, "The Walking Dead" is heading back to the airwaves on February 12th, and in honor of its return we have another teaser trailer along with an interactive "flipbook" in which makeup effects maestro Greg Nicotero reveals the process by which he brings each of the show's walkers to life.

Check Out the First Three Minutes of the Next Episode of The Walking Dead NOW!

Oh, it's just in the air, kids. Breathe in; you can smell it! Yep, the shit is going to hit the fan during the second half of AMC's "The Walking Dead", and we've got your chance to check out the first three minutes right now.

The Walking Dead: More Info on the Mystery Men and Synopses for Episodes 2.09-2.13

A few days ago we got some preliminary details about the two "mystery men" who were revealed at the end of a promo for the upcoming Episode 2.08, "Nebraska", of "The Walking Dead"; and now things have been fleshed out a bit. In addition, if you don't mind mild spoilers, we have brief synopses of the balance of the Season 2 installments.

New Promo Video for The Walking Dead Episode 2.08 - Nebraska

Is it February 12th yet? The more we see of the upcoming episodes of "The Walking Dead" on AMC, the more we can't wait for the mid-season premiere. In the meantime we'll just keep watching and rewatching this new promo video.

The Walking Dead's Mystery Men Identified

When AMC debuted the last sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the network's hit series "The Walking Dead", at the very end two new characters were revealed. And now? Well, now they've been identified.

A Pair of New Walking Dead Images Take Aim; Shane's a Goner?

The days are ticking away until "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC's airwaves, and to keep you geared up and salivating, we've scored a couple of new images for you to chew on. Plus a major spoiler may just have inadvertently been revealed!

When Will We See Michonne on AMC's The Walking Dead?

Even though we haven't the slightest idea as to how to correctly pronounce her name, we've been waiting ever so impatiently for one of the most beloved characters from The Walking Dead comic book, Michonne, to show up on the hit AMC series.

A New Sneak Peek of and a Teaser for The Walking Dead's Midseason Premiere

Did you remember to watch for the new sneak peek of "Nebraska", Episode 2.08 of "The Walking Dead", during tonight's season finale of "Hell on Wheels" on AMC? Or were you mesmerized by the Golden Globes giving out awards to some of the most unlikely winners in years? If it's a case of the latter, never fear. We have the clip for you right here along with a quick little teaser entitled "Like a Plague".

The Walking Dead Season 3 Official! Largest Episode Order Yet!

Great news coming in for fans of AMC's adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead! Season Three is now official, and the cable network has made its largest order of episodes yet! Read on for the details.

Stare Down Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Poster; Watch a New Sneak Peek This Sunday During the Hell on Wheels Finale

AMC has unveiled the official poster for the second half of "The Walking Dead" Season 2 featuring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) pointing his legendary revolver straight ahead. It's gotten us pretty amped up for the February 12th return of the series, and even better, we've learned that during the January 15th finale of "Hell on Wheels", the network will air a brand new sneak peek scene from "The Walking Dead"'s upcoming midseason premiere, "Nebraska".