Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne Talks Indie Sci-Fi and The Signal

Following his memorable work this year on NBC's "Hannibal," Laurence Fishburne will next be seen by genre fans in William Eubank's The Signal (review); and you can hear from him about the new film, opening in select markets tomorrow, right here!

New Clip Escapes for The Signal

Yet another new clip is here from the latest flick from William Eubank entitled The Signal (review), and we have this bad boy hot and fresh for you right here. Go ahead... spread your contagion and dig it! Respirator mask not included.

Win a Signed One-Sheet from The Signal and the Soundtrack!

Time to give away something really cool! On tap right now is a chance for you to score an official one-sheet from the new flick from William Eubank entitled The Signal (review), signed by the film’s cast - Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Beau Knapp, Lin Shaye, and Laurence Fishburne - and writer/director Will Eubank.

Lin Shaye Goes Nutty for The Signal

Around these parts we love Lin Shaye. This lady can do it all, especially act... shall we say... not all there? You'll see what we mean when you dig on this latest clip for the new flick from William Eubank entitled The Signal (review) !

Spend a Little Time in the Kitchen With Hannibal!

The final Season 2 episode of NBC's "Hannibal" airs tonight, and we, like you, are all sweaty with anticipation! To help pass the time until we're served a heaping helping of the horrific goods, YouTuber Dylan Dubeau has created a truly inventive and funny video! Check it out!

Latest Hannibal Post Mortem Video Features Star Hugh Dancy

Have you been enjoying the "Hannibal" companion web series "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson"? What we assume is the final episode has arrived, and this one features series star Hugh Dancy chatting with Thompson. Read on to see what they're chatting about!

Signal, The (2014)

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Olivia Cooke, Brenton Thwaites, Beau Knapp Directed by William Eubank

The Trap Is Set in these Photos and Preview of Hannibal Ep. 2.13 - Mizumono; Three New Post Mortem Videos

At last in the season finale of "Hannibal," Ep. 2.13, "Mizumono," we'll see the payoff of the fight between Jack and Dr. Lecter that began in the season opener. We also get the return of Cynthia Nixon as Kade Prurnell. Here are a dozen stills plus the preview.

It's Decision Time in these Photos and Promo for Hannibal Episode 2.12 - Tome-Wan; Two New Post Mortem Videos

A great weight was lifted from our shoulders when NBC renewed "Hannibal," but it's only getting heavier for Will as we head toward the season finale. First we (and Hannibal, it seems) have to get through next week's Episode 2.12, "Tome-Wan." Check out some photos and a promo.

Break Out the Champagne! Hannibal Renewed for a Third Season!

We've been getting a lot of good news this week about TV pilot pickups and series renewals, but none has made us happier than this tidbit: NBC has renewed "Hannibal" for a third season! And they've released a clip from tonight's Episode 2.11, "Ko No Mono," directed by David Slade!

Intercept The Signal to Unlock New Clips and Images

Typically, when new clips and/or images for an upcoming film come across our desk here at Dread, we make it easy for you by showing them off. In the case of these viral goodies for William Eubank's The Signal, you're going to have to work for them. But we promise it'll be fun.

Snack on a Dozen Stills from Hannibal Episode 2.11 - Ko No Mono

Just three episodes remain in Season 2 of "Hannibal," and if there's a god, we'll be hearing positive news about its renewal soon. While we wait, here are a dozen stills from Friday night's Episode 2.11, "Ko No Mono," directed by David Slade.

You Can Believe this Promo for Hannibal Episode 2.11 - Ko No Mono

Each week our love for "Hannibal" grows, and the show's ratings appear to be on an upswing as well as we head into the final episodes of Season 2. Please keep watching so we'll get a third! While we wait for word, here's a preview of next week's Episode 2.11, "Ko No Mono."

New Hannibal: Post Mortem Videos with Laurence Fishburne, Aaron Abrams, and Hettienne Park

To make the wait until tonight's episode of "Hannibal" a bit more tolerable, we have three new installments of its companion web series, "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson," to share, one of which includes a chat with the ultimate "Fannibal."

Eat Up These New Stills for Hannibal Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko

It's Hump Day, and you, like us, are probably hankering for more of NBC's incredible "Hannibal." And rightly so! As a means to bide your time until Friday night's Episode 2.10, "Naka-Choko," dig these images as an appetizer!