Lauren Cohan

#SDCC14: Lauren Cohan Talks Bringing Bela Back to Supernatural

While speaking with "The Walking Dead" co-star Lauren Cohan at this year's SDCC, we asked the outgoing actress if she would be open to returning to "Supernatural" if the opportunity arose. Her response should make fans of her character on the show happy.

#SDCC14: Everything You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Panel Including the Season 5 Trailer

We're reporting live on the floor from AMC's "The Walking Dead" panel, and we've got some goodies to pass along, from the direction of the upcoming season to the impending Blu-ray release of Season 4.

Maggie's Turn to Ask Who Will Survive? in Latest The Walking Dead #Terminus Poster

Sure, Carol gets a lot of attention for being a badass on "The Walking Dead," but Maggie's no slouch either. Nonetheless, the question looms: Now that she's arrived in Terminus, will she survive? We should find out in just a little over 24 hours. Tick tock, tick tock.

See a Bit of New Footage in this Promo for The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates

Another preview of "The Walking Dead" Episode 4.10, entitled "Inmates," has popped up on YouTube via the Fox LA affiliate, and since it shows off a bit of additional footage from the ep, we thought we'd share.

First Pair of Images and Another Clip from The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates

After spending last night exclusively with Rick, Carl, and Michonne, in next week's Episode 4.10 of "The Walking Dead," entitled "Inmates," it's time to see what's up with some of the other survivors. As these new photos reveal, the ep will include updates on Maggie and Daryl.

The Walking Dead Interviews: Larry King Chats with Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun

Just as he did last season, Larry King has landed interviews with several cast members of "The Walking Dead," and today we're sharing his chat with lovebirds Maggie and Glenn, aka Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun.

The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Talks Looking Great in the Apocalypse

A fun new behind-the-scenes video for "The Walking Dead" has arrived, in which series star Lauren Cohan shares Maggie's secrets to maintaining her good looks in the apocalypse.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead with Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, and Kevin Smith

Has there been a lot of "The Walking Dead" love around here lately or what? Of course - it's about to make another big splash at San Diego Comic-Con so to keep fan fervor high, here's some video footage of Kevin Smith interviewing Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus on the set.

Limited Edition Home Video Packaging Revealed for The Walking Dead Season 3

How do you top home video packaging that included a zombie head with a screwdriver handle sticking out of its eye socket? Well, you give us more heads... this time with lights and much, much more! Oh, Anchor Bay. How we love thee.

Dread Central Attends the Emmys' Evening with The Walking Dead

On February 5th the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the organization that gives out Emmys) hosted a group panel with the cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" in North Hollywood, and we were there!

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.08 - Made To Suffer; The Cast Looks Ahead to 2013

This mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" was written by creator Robert Kirkman so you can bet we were left with our jaws agape at the end of the cliff-hanging episode! It was directed by Billy Gierhart.

The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.07 - When the Dead Come Knocking

Now that Rick is finally done with his hallucinations and met Michonne, maybe we will get some ass-kicking tonight? Someone's gotta go rescue Maggie and Glenn from Merle and the Governor. Tonight's episode entitled "When The Dead Come Knocking" was directed by Dan Sackheim.

The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.06 - Hounded

When we left off in last week's episode, Rick was awoken from his zombie-killing stupor by a phone call. So he did what any human being would do in the vicinity of a ringing phone, he answered it. Tonight's episode entitled "Hounded" was written by Scott M. Gimple and directed by Dan Attias.

Behind-the-Scenes Video from The Walking Dead Episode 3.05 - Say The Word; Sneak Peek of Episode 3.06 - Hounded

Fans of The Walking Dead comics got the answer last night as to whether Rick would be talking on the phone with "someone" on the TV show as well, and we have to say it played out perfectly.

The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.05 - Say The Word

Have you recovered from last week's devastating episode of "The Walking Dead" yet? Andrew Lincoln's heart-wrenching performance at the end of it was Emmy-worthy, and tonight's Episode 3.05, titled "Say The Word", continues where we left off.