Gentle Giant Animates Freddy!

Freddy Animaquette!Man, Gentle Giant just has a knack for creating collectibles that it’s very, very hard to not spend your money on. Of course, that’s their intention, isn’t it? On your right you’ll see the lastest example of Gentle temptation, the Animaquette of Freddy Krueger!

Is it the vacant and unsuspecting look in the victims’ eyes? The pure blissfully joy plastered across Freddy’s countenance as he prepares to crack wise and disembowel? Maybe it’s just the exaggerated limbs and disturbingly arousing nature of the piece as a whole…

No matter the root of its appeal, you know you want it. Big Bad Toy Store’s got it. This equation equals you owning a jealousy-inducing piece of art that’ll piss of your girlfriend and everybody wins! Well, except your girlfriend, but she’ll get over it.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane