The Saddest Devil Needs a Hug

(click to see it bigger!)Emo is infecting our lives, turning what once were scraggly obnoxious punk and metal kids into girl pants wearing, eyeliner smeared weepy piles of goo. Now the emo menace has made its way down to hell, and even the devil himself isn’t safe!! BE AFRAID!!!!

Not so long ago, in a place that is closer to most of us than we would like to believe, there lived a small demon named Keek. Keek spent most of his days performing repetitive and menial tasks in the bowels of the earth along with the other demons his age in hopes of one day becoming a true devil. When that day finally came, Keek was summoned to meet Lucifer himself. “The time has come for you to grow into a true entity of evil,” Lucifer said, and with a quick prod of his pitchfork, Keek was overcome by a sense of invincibility and confidence. “You will be sent to walk the earth and create chaos and fear amongst all men.” As the last word left Lucifer’s lips, Keek was suddenly plunged into darkness. He regained his senses to find himself standing upon the vast landscapes of the surface world.

It took only a single day of observation to cast Keek into a deep depression. It quickly became clear that Man himself had already created far more chaos, fear and destruction than Keek could ever have caused on his own. Depressed and mortified by what he saw, knowing that his task had been taken from him before it began, Keek walked aimlessly into the darkening world, doomed to forever be…the saddest devil.

Introducing The Saddest Devil! Created and designed by Devils Head Productions founder Toby Dutkiewicz, The Saddest Devil (Keek) is irresistible.

The Saddest Devil measures 6 inches wide (including arms) and 6 inches tall. He’s limited to 250 pieces worldwide and distributed by DKE Toys. The bloody pieces are hand painted with only 5 in existence. Check out more on mopey little Keek at ToysREvil and snap him up before you are left out in the cold … alone … and weepy.

(click to see it bigger!)(click to see it bigger!)


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