Toy Fair 08: Judge Dredd vs. Death vs. Aliens

Dredd VS Death Statue (click to see it bigger!)If there’s one thing we need more of today, it’s Judge Dredd. The movie blew, the games blew, but the comic book has been kicking major ass for decades. Personally, Dredd is one of the very few comic book characters I can tolerate making really strange cross-overs.

Dredd has faced off against Batman, the Scarecrow, Predators and Aliens .. it just doesn’t work well with many other heroes. To celebrate Joe Dredd’s mighty fights for justice, First 4 Figures has created two magnificent states; one is based on the Dredd vs. Aliens comic and in the other he faces off against long-time foe, the ghostly Judge Death.

Dredd VS Aliens (click to see it bigger!)Late last year we showed you the Death statue (““>Dredd and Death Forever” – September 2007), but the Action Figure Toy Fair Gallery now houses fresh pics taken of the thing in person! Not a bad bit of craftsmanship for only $299. Now if only a feature length Dredd film could share the same quality.

For the Aliens fans out there, you’re not left in the dark either. New images taken straight from Toy Fair ’08 also show that 2000AD law man will be tackling the xenomorphs in the form of a two-headed bust surrounded by hatching facehuggers! Sweet damn! The 12″ tall statue also has an illuminating base and will be limited to 1,000 pieces at a price of $249.99. Start saving that cash; sell a few babies on the black market — or sell your Nintendo Wii.

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