Toy Fair 08: Master Replicas’ Igor & Halo

Happy Easter!Last month we pointed you in the direction of the UK Toy Fair, where merchandise from the new CGI movie Igor was being shown off (““>Igor and His Toys” – January 2008). Obviously the hunchbacked little scamp didn’t stay overseas because he just showed up in New York!

Igor and his fellow animated buddies were part of Master Replicas’ area of the US ’08 Toy Fair, and Action Figure was kind enough to take plenty of pictures. The gallery can be seen here.

The cartoon wasn’t the only thing of interest MR had on display. Halo weapons, helmets, vehicles and even Master Chief himself were in attendance as the company starts to break out into new fields. Given MR’s great track record with Star Wars props, it will be interesting to see if full-size Spartan armor and weapons are in our future.

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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.