From Marvel Legends to Indie Creeps

Marvel Legends & Indie Creeps!Marvel Toys jumps back into the action figure fray after selling the uber rights to the Marvel Comics license to Hasbro. Oddly enough, they no longer make any Marvel Comics Toys. The world is funny. What they do make is an action figure line boasting the articulation, beautiful sculpts and superior paint Marvel Legends was known for, now all working for indie comic characters. The line is called Legendary Comic Book Heroes and it is a psycho comic geek’s wet dream.

Series 1 included Witchblade, Judge Dread, Savage Dragon, Madman, and a build-a-figure Pitt. Series two features Judge Death, The Darkness, Marv (from Sin City), Razorclaw, O’Brien and a build-a-figure Monkeyman.

Marvel Legends & Indie Creeps!Within you’ll find a peek at the creepiest this line has to offer in The Darkness, Judge Death and the Pitt build-a-figure. The Darkness only came with two little droogies so I added some guest stars from previous McFarlane releases to beef up the ranks. Keep in mind, if you’re a Darkness fan, Moore once put out its own version of this character which came with 2 darklings, perfectly in scale with this new release; some eBaying will be in order to track one down, though.

Also of note for those who aren’t familiar with the build-a-figure phenomenon …this is a scam put together by the bigger toy companies where you get a piece of a larger figure with each figure in the line. Completing the series scores you one hulking figure to compliment the line. Sure, this makes the price tag on the big guy way higher and you’ll most likely get stuck with figures you didn’t intend to get in the first place, but therein lies the rub. The good news is, some toy fans have the restraint to not complete the series, leaving them with pieces you can scoop up through trades on toy forums or good ole’ eBay.

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Marvel Legends & Indie Creeps! Marvel Legends & Indie Creeps!

Marvel Legends & Indie Creeps! Marvel Legends & Indie Creeps!


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  • Chainsaw

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the badass 2-packs featuring Conan and Wraarrl, and Clownface and Panda from “Body Bags”.

    These figures are pretty sweet. Hopefully, someone figures out how to get the license to make Top 10 figures, as well.

  • Kryten Syxx

    Too bad the first indy series was next to impossible to find. I preordered Judge Dredd way back in June and he never showed up. Target refuses to carry them and Wal-Mart was always out of stock.

  • Terminal

    That’s some good shit.