30 Days of Killer Plastic

30 Days of Night (click to see it bigger!)Hitting the 2007 San Diego Comic Con is always a psychotic ride for any reporter. For someone covering horror toys for Dread Central, to borrow a line from Slither, it’s like finding a needle in a fuck-stack! You’ve got to focus beyond the booth babes and legions of Slave Leia’s almost wearing that super yummy outfit to find the shiny, creepy jems buried in the displays. One such booth with semi-hidden treasure was Gentle Giant who, along side announcing their acquisition of a New Line resin license, had 30 Days of Night (review) pieces on display. Why didn’t you see them in our coverage? No…I was not making out with some chick in a Harley Quinn costume instead of shooting the goods. No photography was allowed!

Some of those sweet sweet bloody pieces still have not been revealed to the public at large yet, but the Giant is hoping these new releases will make up for it! Get ready for another round with 30 Days of Night! Gentle Giant will release action figures, mini posters, clothing, Zippo lighters and other collectibles. Below you’ll find images of the 7 inch scaled figures which should drop this August. Technically, Marlow is 7 inches with a shorter female and a crouching male. The first series of action figures includes; Marlow, Arvin, Iris with a bonus Build-A-Figure Vampire Girl ‘Lilith’.

GG mentions that there are variants in the works for Comic-con and retailers, but details aren’t written in stone yet, so you’ll have to park your butt and wait for more news when the deals are done.

COLLECTOR’S NOTE:: 7 inches does put these in scale with Movie Maniacs, Now Playing and Cult Classics!

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30 Days of Night (click to see it bigger!)30 Days of Night (click to see it bigger!)

30 Days of Night (click to see it bigger!)30 Days of Night (click to see it bigger!)30 Days of Night (click to see it bigger!)


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