Toy Fair 2012: In-Depth with Lego’s Monster Hunters

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It’s pretty amazing how Lego has gone from a connectible block set to a marketing phenomenon complete with video games, etc. Now we take a much closer look at their line of Monster Hunters. Dig it!

The Wolf Man – Seems to have mini figures of a werewolf and an old school adventurer or scientist…you know the kind with a pith helmet? Center pieces include a launching tree and a little buggy for the professor.

The Swamp Creature – Includes a water craft with two rockets to fire and a hunter to drive it into battle against the Creature with his harpoon! There’s also a little alter-looking configuration for the Creature with a dead fish at its base.

The Mummy – A female monster hunter rides a sort of gyro-copter in pursuit of the Mummy on his chariot pulled by a skeleton horse. The Mummy has a whip and a sword while the hunter has a crossbow with a bolt and a spare bolt in her hair!

Vampire Hearse (aka Dracula’s…totally awesome batmobile) – Picture the family car from “The Munsters”. That can be the only inspiration for this. Dracula’s long black ride features fangs in the grill, piercing red headlights, bones along the engine and more. In hot pursuit appears to be an English gentleman on a motorcycle with a fencing-type sword. There appears to be another figure with Dracula, but we can’t make him out.

Zombies – We’ve only heard about the existence of this set so far so have no further details.

Frankenstein – A tower for catching electricity, a table for resurrecting dead flesh and a wacky scientist to scream “IT’S ALIIIVE!!” This set features the mad scientist, Frankenstein’s Monster and what appear to be two angry townsfolk as well as a monster hunting vehicle with a projectile, what appears to be a holding cell for the Monster and a slice of the scientist’s lab.

The Ghost Train – Exactly what it sounds like! A black engine with spectral fire coming out of its stack and green lights leading the way pulls three carts with little bat wings! The bat wings are said to flap as they go along!! The set seems to include three ghosts to battle two monster hunters in their prop plane with projectile firing mechanisms. We see the female monster hunter can hang off the bottom by a rope, brandishing a crossbow.

The Vampire Castle – Comes with a Man-Bat (or 2), Dracula, his Bride and two human monster fighters as well as a tricked-out monster hunter mobile with a launching net! The castle has some sort of crystal ray feature in the tower, which pops out from behind what looks like a stained glass window. There also seems to be a trap-door feature in the tower.

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