Dexter Microscope Slide Trophy Box Prop Reproduction Available for Pre-Order

As viewers of the Showtime series “Dexter” are well aware, everyone’s favorite serial killer has a ritual whereby he saves a drop of blood from each of his victims on a microscope slide. Now fans can have their very own “Slide Trophy Box” prop reproduction as created by Michael Cosentino.

Monsters in Motion will begin shipping the item on October 29th for the price of $179.99 (plus S&H).

Each item includes a wooden slide box, 45 ‘blood’ slides, one ‘smiley’ blood slide, genuine evidence bag, and a signed/stamped Certificate of Authenticity. More details follow:

-Expertly hand-crafted in a professional woodworking shop, this item was constructed using only the best methods and materials.

-Constructed using the same methods and materials as the box featured as of Season 5.

-Furniture-quality construction and finish. The box can be used for practical use in storing slides or as a high-end keepsake for fans of the show.

-Features rubber pads on the bottom to protect display surfaces as well as protect the finish on the bottom of the box while being displayed.

-Includes accurate style double-slide per slot.

-Each slide is individually prepared with a realistic artificial sample of blood for maximum authenticity.

-Each ‘blood’ slide is unique and will each have its own ‘character’.

-Because of the high-quality finish, your box can be cleaned and polished with any furniture polish to maintain its beauty, though a damp wash cloth will do the trick just fine – and won’t leave a film behind like some cleaning products may do!

-Includes a hand-signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity to ensure you’re getting a certified Michael Cosentino Slide Box.

-Perfect gift for a friend, family member, or loved one who is a “Dexter” fan.

Click the below image for ordering details, and look for the new season of “Dexter” to start on Sunday, September 26th.

Dexter Microscope Slide Trophy Box Prop Reproduction Available for Pre-Order

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