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Go Hero is set to make its mark on San Diego Comic-Con with a line of 12-inch scaled figures you are not likely to forget. Combining an eye for fine art wrapped up in every stitch of clothing, accessory detail, and sculpted part with the sensibility of an overgrown kid who always wanted kick-ass toys from Ray Harryhausen creations, Go Hero has created some amazing new collectibles!

Skeleton Warrior: They are the dead. Former soldiers and slaves, summoned from their slumber to do the bidding of an evil master. Rattling as they lift their swords, they grin and stare with empty eyes showing neither pain nor mercy. Call forth your own army of darkness with ball-jointed limbs, movable jaw, sword, shield, pop-out joints, and 2 sets of hands.

Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations

Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations

Perseus: The Son of Zeus shall not have peace for his blasphemy. All that he cherishes in his world shall be ripped from him. His kingdom…his comfort…his queen. He shall feel my rage as he suffers the Wrath of the Titans. The all new myths begin with Bubo die-cast accessory with 2 sets of wings, sword, sheath, wrist guards, red cloak, shield, tunic, boots, and designer packaging.

Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations

Sinbad: Fearless and foolish, I am compelled to leave my city of Baghad. I set sail once again…for adventure…to places unknown…to places where others would not dare. The legend of Sinbad the sailor transcends centuries and nations. The stories of his voyages have been told and retold for 100s of years. Sinbad outwits, out fights, and often barely escapes monsterous danger! The all new voyages begin with a Humunculous accessory, chart of the Secret Sea, Persian sword with tassel, sheath, telescoping spyglass, compass, pants, vest, boots, shirt, sash, golden dagger and designer packaging.

Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations Go Hero's Harryhausen Creations

These Ray Harryhausen inspired collectibles are based on new comics from Bluewater and should be available at the end of 2009. Hit up Go Hero to preorder! TONS more are on the way and will be on display at SDCC 09. Want a giant Cyclops to go with Sinbad? Wish granted.


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  • Evil Alien

    thanks for the heads-up, nomad!

  • Vermithrax

    These are cool and all. But I really with someone would get the rights to produce a figure of the Rhedosaurus. He is my favorite Harryhausen creation and the only one not to have a figure made of.

    • Mr. Gray

      Good point. I’d snatch that one up in a heartbeat.

  • Mr. Gray

    I don’t usually buy action figures anymore, but damn if that skeleton warrior isn’t calling out to me.