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#SDCC15: The 10 Coolest Horror Toys Unveiled at the Show



There are many reasons why Comic-Con weekend is a great time to be a horror fan, as big reveals are the name of the game at the annual show. This year alone we were treated to countless trailers and tasty news tidbits that got us excited about the future, but we can’t forget about the toys.

Toys are as much a part of Comic-Con as movies, TV shows, and comic books, and this year was particularly awesome when it came to the unveiling of upcoming horror toys. Companies like NECA and Sideshow Collectibles gave us peeks into the future, and oh boy is it looking bright.

Now that Comic-Con has sadly come to an end, let’s reflect on the 10 coolest horror toys unveiled at this year’s event!


1) Easily the most unique toy NECA showed off this past weekend was an upcoming Leatherface action figure based on Wizard Video’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game, which hit the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980s. Due out in October, the repaint depicts the horror icon as he was in the wacky video game, his entire body (and chainsaw) painted a nauseating shade of green. It’s the latest in a long line of video game-inspired toys from the company, which started with their Comic-Con 2013 release of NES Jason Voorhees.


2) Speaking of NES Jason, NECA later this year will be releasing an upgrade of that original Comic-Con exclusive toy, and this time purple and baby blue Jason will be packaged alongside Mrs. Voorhees’ 8-bit severed head. But that’s not the only change they’ve made to the fan-favorite toy, as the packaging has also been slightly modified. When you lift open the front flap on the packaging of this particular Jason toy, you will hear music from the NES video game, which makes this one extra special. It will be out in October.


3) NECA recently released an ‘Ultimate Edition’ Freddy Krueger toy, and in addition to a similarly deluxe upcoming figure of Leatherface, they’ve now added Jason Voorhees to the mix. Based on his appearance in Jason Lives, the Ultimate Jason Voorhees figure is still in the prototype stage, which would explain why this one doesn’t yet have a fresh coat of paint on it. Ultimate Jason will include a handful of weapons and even Mrs. Voorhees’ headstone. A release date hasn’t yet been provided.



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