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San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero Present The Walking Dead Line of Products

With the amount of activity comic book author extraordinaire Robert Kirkman has planned over the course of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, it's a wonder they haven't renamed it "Kirkman-Con"! And we just learned of something else he'll be debuting at the show: a new line of products he's creating with Greg Nicotero based on The Walking Dead and other Skybound titles.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Brilliant New A Clockwork Orange Collectible

You want badass? You've got badass! Fans of Stanley Kubrick's amazing film A Clockwork Orange will be in for a real treat at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con when Christian Santoro's Retro Outlaw Studios releases one hell of an exclusive!

Great Look at Series 1 of McFarlane's Walking Dead Figures

Ready for a good look at McFarlane's The Walking Dead Series 1 figures that will be blasting their way to store shelves this November? Yeah, we thought you would be. There's just nothing like playing with the dead! Series 1 includes: Deputy Rick Grimes - with revolver, shotgun, walkie talkie, baseball bat, and hand grenade accessories

Minimates Resurrected! Frankenstein and Dracula Return for Series 2!

The Wolfman and the Creature have had their day in the sun, and now it's Dracula and Frankenstein's turn! Granted, the sun may not be the best place for Dracula, but you'll want to check out his upcoming Minimates set in a good light as well as the series he'll share with Frankenstein's famous monster.

Celebrate Darkchyld's 15th Anniversary With Some Badass Collectibles

The gorgeous Ariel Chylde has been tempting comic book readers with her beauty for 15 years, and our friends at Image Comics and Diamond Select Toys are doing the celebration right with some all new Ariel for you to enjoy.

Two More Action Figures Coming from The Walking Dead

This has been quite the week for info on The Walking Dead line of action figures coming our way from McFarlane Toys, and today we learned of two brand new entries, including one particular fan-favorite character from the TV series you won't find in the comics. MTV got the skinny straight from McFarlane about the new line, which arrives on shelves this November:

McFarlane's The Walking Dead Figures - Fully Painted and Totally Badass

We've seen prototypes, rendered images, and teaser shots, but the time has come to sample the whole gooey enchilada! Get ready to dig on the first finished shots of McFarlane's The Walking Dead Figures line!

NECA's The Dream Master Freddy Could Be The Best Figure Ever. Period!

Over the years NECA Toys has delivered the goods on a constant basis. At this year's Toy Fair they introduced a trio of new Freddy figures from the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise that showcased some of their best work with the character to date. Now comes the fourth and, dare we say it, the best.

Mezco Reveals Creepy Cuddlers - Zombies Set of 3

When you think "cuddly", zombies aren't exactly the first things that come to mind. "Creepy", on the other hand, definitely fits. Thanks to Mezco Toyz, we have a set of three lovably freaky, ghoulishly cute zombies as the newest additions to the company's Creepy Cuddlers family. The trio of characters includes:

New Living Dead Dolls Shamble Their Way Home From Mezco

Who doesn't love playing with the dead? Sure, they can be a little stiff, but if you keep those limbs moving, you should be pretty okay. As for the smell? Well, there's not much that can be done in that department. Small price to pay for all that macabre fun though, dontcha think? From the Press Release:

NECA - A Good Look at Their Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Figure and Freddy's Dream House

You know what's cool? When it comes to movie franchises the toy world knows what's badass and what's not. For instance ... NECA Toys is still pumping out A Nightmare on Elm Street figures using Robert Englund's likeness and not the recent Jackie Earle Haley meatball head from the pitiful remake.

Have a Kid? Take Them to the ZombieZoo!

We live in a future where the captains of industry know the key to raking in buckets of money is to take a pop culture icon we love and transform it into something so irresistibly cute, no child, tween, lady or man who would wish to remain anonymous can say no.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore Now Able to Bring Him Home!

Yep, it's true ... thanks to the Tonner Doll Company, fans of Ian Somerhalder's smoldering portrayal of Damon Salvatore will soon have their own mini version of the bad boy vamp they can display at home. Here's the lowdown:

Living Dead Dolls Turn 13!

Wow. It seems as if the collectible line of Living Dead Dolls has been around forever, doesn't it? In truth these murderous little scamps have been lining the shelves of collectors for years. 13 of them to be exact. From the Press Release: Triskaidekaphobics, beware! In 2011 the Living Dead Dolls celebrate their 13th anniversary.

An Early Look at NECA's Zombie Ghostface Figure

As mentioned previously, NECA's new line of Ghostface figures that are set for release just ahead of the new Scream 4 includes a zombie version, and today we have an early look at the guy.