Lars Von Trier

Lars Von Trier to Experience the Real Horrors of Detroit

As if Detroit hasn't seen enough sadness and trouble over the last year, the feel-good indie filmmaker of the decade, Lars Von Trier (“The Kingdom,” Antichrist, Melancholia), is ready to bring his special brand of cinematic miseries to what once was the great motor city.

Sparkling New Melancholia One-Sheets

It's amazing how something so somber can be so beautiful. Such is the genius of Lars Von Trier, who's ready to make the world go away with his latest film, Melancholia. Read on for some sparkly new eye candy!

Melancholia Character One-Sheets Offer Advice

Considering the fact that hump day is never as much fun as it sounds, we figured that now would be a great time to add a bit more misery to your week by hurling six new Melancholia one-sheets at you like a grief rocket.

Trailer For Lars Von Trier's Melancholia Is ... Kind Of What You Expect

There's really no disputing the talent of Lars Von Trier. His work is so expansive that surely everyone can find one of his films that they've liked. For me, nothing has packed the emotional punch of Dogville ... but his latest, Melancholia, is looking like it has lots and lots of potential.

Sitges 2011: The Film Festival Gets Scary With Von Trier's Melancholia and Soderbergh's Contagion

After a horror-dry summer at the movies, we're getting back on track as fall is just around the corner. From multiplexes to film festivals, the genre is all over the place these days. Even at Sitges '11, where two heavyweight horror films are ready to play for what I'm sure will be packed houses.

Planets Play Peek-a-Boo in Latest UK Trailer for Melancholia

Time for a little depression to get you through your afternoon in the form of a UK trailer for Lars von Trier's latest trip down kill-yourself-lane, Melancholia!

2011 New York Film Festival Adds More Genre Films to its Lineup

The 2011 New York Film Festival has announced its full lineup of films, and as expected, a few more genre/horror films have appeared to join Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In, most of which have been popping up on all the major film fest rosters also.

Melancholia Ready to Depress You at Home Before it Goes Theatrical

Question ... with the holidays rapidly approaching, who doesn't love a good bout of depression? That's exactly what you're going to get with the release of Lars Von Trier's feel good movie Melancholia, and we have the wheres and whens for you. Bring your own tissues.

Just a Few Genre Films to Be Found So Far at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Now in its 36th year, the Toronto International Film Festival has unveiled a selection of films in its 2011 Galas and Special Presentations programmes. The Festival runs Sept. 8-18, and while we wait for the Midnight Madness schedule to be announced, we thought we'd share the handful of genre offerings to be found at TIFF 2011.

New Melancholia One-Sheet Ready to Cheer You Up

A new bit of eye candy has hit the net for the upcoming Lars (I relate to Hitler) Von Trier film, Melancholia, and we've got every heartwarming pixel of it for your approval right here. There. You're happier already, no?

Lars Von Trier's Complete The Kingdom Series Soon to Haunt UK DVD

Undoubtedly viewed by many to be the ultimate in haunted hospital stories, Lars Von Trier’s groundbreaking miniseries "The Kingdom" (later remade for US audiences as "Kingdom Hospital") will be landing on UK DVD shelves, in its complete full-length broadcast format for the first time, on July 4th courtesy of Second Sight. Synopsis:

Cannes 2011: Kirsten Dunst Wins Actress Prize for Melancholia

Despite all the controversy that swirled around Lars Von Trier's Melancholia screening at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the judges obviously didn't hold any of it against the film's star as Kirsten Dunst was awarded the actress prize today, May 22nd, for her performance.

First Melancholia Clip Showers Us in Sunshine and Warmth

In need of a pick-me-up to get you over Hump Day? Well then, how about a clip from Lars Von Trier's feel good film Melancholia? If you're still feeling down after that, you could always go hang out at your local emergency room or take in a wake or two!

Uplifting New Melancholia One-Sheet

Time for some more happy shiny goodies from Lars Von Trier's feel good movie of the century, Melancholia. Yesterday we brought you the film's release date and now we have a brand spanking new one-sheet for you!

Just in Time for the Holiday Season - Lars Von Trier's Melancholia

Magnolia has assigned the feel good movie of the century, Melancholia, a November release date. Thankfully it's a bit before Thanksgiving or we'd be washing down our turkey dinners with a heaping helping of sadness and dismay.