Larry Fessenden

First Look at I Sell the Dead!

We’ve only made mention of it in passing once (right here), but the new horror/comedy I Sell the Dead is definitely a film we’ll be keeping our eyes on more in the future.

Hellboy 2 Start Date

With the second animated movie set to premiere this weekend on The Cartoon Network, now is as good a time as any to sit down and chat with Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. The LA Times did just that and found out that his next turn as Big Red will be on us before he likely knows it.

Off Season, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Christina Campenella, Don Wood, Angus Scrimm, Francine Pado, Larry Fessenden Directed by James Felix McKeeney Warning: Minor spoilers within…

McQuaid, Glenn (I Sell the Dead)

The stellar I Sell the

Fessenden, Larry (The Last Winter)

It saddens me that most of you out there haven’t got to see Larry Fessenden’s Last Winter (review) yet. Though by no means is it a perfect film, it is a damn good one and definitely, to me at least, the best thing he’s done to date.