Larry Fessenden

Satan Hates You Wraps!

Great news, Satan fans! James Felix McKenney just dropped us a line with the news that his fourth feature, Satan Hates You, is officially in the can! The film’s been in various stages of production for a long time now, so I’m sure the crew at MonsterPants Movies and Glass Eye Pix are breathing a sigh of relief today!

Updated Fear Itself Schedule!

We just got an updated airdate schedule for Fear Itself, NBC’s anthology horror series that continues this Thursday at 10/9 C with Stuart Gordon’s “Eater” (review). Check it out below!

Last Winter Hits This Summer

Larry Fessenden's latest horror-fest, The Last Winter (review here), is slated to hit DVD on July 22nd, and as always we've got a look at the DVD art and specs for ya!

Exclusive: Director Talks Psychedelic Horror I Can See You!

Chances are, unless you pay really close attention to the site and are able to remember every single news story we do, you’re probably not familiar with Graham Reznick’s I Can See You, one of the latest films to come out of Larry Fessenden’s Scareflix label. But that’s all right cause I’m here to school you.

In Case You Didn't Know, Satan Hates You

It could be one of the best titles in movie history: Satan Hates You, a project that’s been in one stage of production or another for almost four years now. We’ve seen it around here and there, but not until reader “Aaron” dropped us a line telling us to check it out, did I make an effort to really look into it. Glad I did!

Last Winter Disc Art

How very sad … the DVD art for both versions of Larry Fessenden’s excellent eco-horror flick The Last Winter (review) showed up over on the film’s official site today and they are ... not very good.

Fessenden In for Fear Itself

NBC's horror anthology Fear Itself may actually get me to watch TV again. The stories all sound likable and the latest addition to the mix has me gung-ho on the whole idea.

Last Winter DVD Date(s)!

Ever since I got to see an early screening copy of Larry Fessenden’s eco-horror masterpiece The Last Winter (review), I’ve been dying to find out when the film will finally hit DVD, considering its theatrical run was limited at best. Today I found out and thought I’d share it with you guys! See how much we care?

Exclusive New Pics From I Sell the Dead!

And the Scareflix news just keeps on coming ...

I Can See Premiere!

It’s a good time for Larry Fessenden’s Scarefilix imprint; yesterday we showed you the art work for the production company’s Trigger Man, due out next year ("Ti West’s Trigger Man DVD Specs" – December 2007), and today the Fango

Exclusive: Effects Man Talks I Sell the Dead!

While on the set of Plague Town over the weekend (read my set visit preview here), I got a chance to chat with makeup effects man Brian Spears, who during our conversation made mention of another film he worked on recently that I couldn’t help but pick his

Fessenden on Cabin Fever 2

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, the sequel to Eli Roth’s breakout debut, but such is always the case when post-production is going on hot and heavy, as it were.

Last Winter, First Trailer

IFC Films will be dropping Larry Fessenden’s environment horror film The Last Winter (review) into theaters on September 19th in a limited capacity. AOL Moviephone has the trailer for your ocular enjoyment; all you have to do is point your eyeballs downward to check it out.

Last Winter, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Ron Perlman, James LeGros, Connie Britton, Keving Corigan Directed by Larry Fessenden Distributed by Genius Products

Perlman's Last Winter

The fine folks over at Revolver Entertainment sent us word today that they are prepping to release director Larry Fessenden's chilly horror/thriller The Last Winter on August 6th in the UK.