Lance Henriksen

Halo-8 Offering Free Godkiller Blu-rays to Purchasers of the DVD

The road from concept to comic to DVD/Blu-ray has been a long, rocky one for the illustrated film Godkiller, mainly because demand has been so high that Halo-8 Entertainment simply hasn't been able to keep up. To make up for the postponement of the Blu-ray release to a still yet to be determined date, company President Matt Pizzolo (who also wrote and directed the film) has announced that purchasers of the standard-def DVD will be entitled to a free Godkiller Blu-ray.

Monster Brawl Getting Ready to Rumble

Both the title and the concept sound like the basis for an old NES video game, but Monster Brawl is actually a horror-comedy now in production about ultimate monster fighting starring an eclectic cast of actors and talent from the world of pro wrestling and MMA.

Iconic Genre Actor Lance Henriksen Releasing Autobiography

Everyone who knows even the slightest bit of genre trivia knows that long-time actor Lance Henriksen is the man.

The Lost Tribe is Found on DVD

It's been a long road for The Lost Tribe to get released. It's been kicking around under several titles including The Forgotten Ones and simply just The Tribe and has been housed under several different shingles. Finally the good folks at Image Entertainment are bringing this one home.

Snag a Piece of Memorabilia From Bone Dry

I have to confess to having not yet seen the Lance Henricksen thriller Bone Dry from 2007. I haven't avoided it intentionally and even heard a few solid words about the low-budget thriller. If you're among the film's cadre of fans, director Brett A. Hart is giving you a chance to score a piece of memorabilia straight from it!

Lost Tribe, The (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Emily Foxler, Nick Mennell, Marc Bacher, Brianna Brown, Hadley Fraser, Maxine Bahns, Lance Henriksen Directed by Roel Reine Let me begin this review by posting the opening paragraph from a review for a film called The Tribe that I wrote early last year.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to Godkiller's Grand Rapids, Michigan Screening

As we reported previously, Halo-8 has taken Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller on the road via its own You-Demand-It Theatrical Tour, and if you live in or around the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, you could win a pair of tickets to the June 4th screening.

Details on the Godkiller Theatrical Tour and VOD Home Invasion

Halo-8 and Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller has added eight cities to its You-Demand-It Theatrical Tour, and in addition word has come down from their VOD partner, Gravitas Ventures, that 19 of the 20 major cable VOD providers have selected the film for their summer programming, ensuring it will be available in over 75 million homes starting May 25th.

Back to Frank Black: Troy Foreman and James McLean Talk About Their Campaign to Get a Millennium Movie Made

For genre fans of the 90s, there was one man who probably owned your attention span any time you turned on your television - Chris Carter.

New Godkiller Trailer; Full-Length Version Sets a Premiere Date

The third and final episode of Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller: Walk Among Us is being released April 20th, but that's not the biggest news. Halo-8 has announced the full-length feature version will premiere at Chicago's C2E2 (the new comic-con/pop-culture mega-event produced by the team behind NY Comic-Con), and to celebrate, they have put together a new trailer!

First Preview of Leigh Scott's The Witches of Oz

The other day we told you about Leigh Scott's Witches of Oz 3D and treated you to an outtake in which co-star Lance Henriksen worked with an uncooperative kitty. Today we have a promo trailer for the fantasy thriller that updates L. Frank Baum's classic kiddie tale.

Lance Henriksen Develops Cat Scratch Fever While Dealing with The Witches of Oz

Lance Henriksen has battled Aliens, Predator, Pumpkinhead, The Terminator, Sasquatch, and all manner of supernatural and sci-fi terrors. Who would have thought he would finally face his ultimate challenge in the form of an unfriendly pussycat. That's what happened during shooting of his latest, Witches of Oz, and we have video documentation of this epic encounter.

Canadian Near Dark Screening!

When Near Dark originally hit theaters, it really struggled to find an audience. Now, you lucky Canadian residents are going to have the opportunity to experience a 35mm screening this coming March - thanks to the excellent Metro Cinema in Edmonton, Canada!

Godkiller Episode 2 Preview Clip

Episode 2 of Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller: Walk Among Us was released today, and in honor of the occasion Halo-8 has provided us with a preview clip featuring the one and only Lance Henriksen.

Halo-8 Reveals Godkiller Episode 2 DVD Art and Specs

Its release date got pushed back a bit, but tomorrow, January 26th, Episode 2 of Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller: Walk Among Us hits retail store shelves, and we've got your first look at the DVD box art and a list of the specs.