Lake Placid 3

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We know what you're thinking: "Lake Placid 3 hits DVD tomorrow. Sure wish there was a way that I could get it, a Ranger shirt and a stuffed crocodile for free!" Well ... now you can!

DVD Releases - October 26th: In Space No One Can Hear You Scream in 7.1 Surround

You know we are nearing the end of October when the pace of horror DVD title releases starts slowing down. I guess the powers that be banked on everyone buying horror DVDs several weeks before Halloween. Is that true? Are you folks doing just that, or are you only now starting your Halloween viewing party planning?

Plan Your Escape With an Exclusive Lake Placid 3 Clip

Here at Dread Central we strive to bring you the very best horror content imaginable. But sometimes ... well ... it doesn't exactly work out that way. In any event we got our claws into an exclusive clip from Lake Placid 3 (review here), which hits stores next Tuesday. Dig it! From the Press Release:

Get Victimized by Four Clips from Lake Placid 3

Try and contain your excitement, folks! We have four ... count 'em four clips from Lake Placid 3 (review here) to turn you onto. We're hope your nerves can handle it! From the Press Release

NSFW Unrated Trailer Debut: Lake Placid 3

The horror event of the decade, Lake Placid 3 (review), is hitting DVD soon, and we have a not safe for work trailer all queued up to get you even more excited than you are right now! Is that even possible? We say YES! From the Press Release

Lake Placid 3 (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Colin Ferguson, Yancy Butler, Michael Ironside, Kirsty Mitchell, Kasey Barnfield Directed by G.E. Furst

Exclusive DVD Art and Details: Lake Placid 3

Here it is, folks! We know the wait has been agonizing, but we finally have the exclusive artwork and details on the year's biggest DVD release, Lake Placid 3! The only thing missing is Betty White cursing up a storm!

Get a Third Helping of Lake Placid This Saturday on Syfy

Did you know there's a Lake Placid 3? Did you know there's a Lake Placid 3 starring Colin Ferguson of "Eureka", Yancy Butler of "Witchblade", and the venerable Michael Ironside? Did you know there's a Lake Placid 3 starring Colin Ferguson of "Eureka", Yancy Butler of "Witchblade", and the venerable Michael Ironside premiering this Saturday night on Syfy? Do you care?

Upcoming Sci-Fi Channel Cinematic Greatness

Rag on Sci-Fi Channel original movies all you want - I know I often do; but somebody (besides me) must be tuning in given how much they keep on cranking them out. As a matter of fact, the ratings for these films are steadily increasing. Sci-Fi plans for 36 news films in 2009, and today we're getting a taste of things to come.