Laini Taylor

Snow White and the Huntsman Producer to Spearhead Universal's Daughter of Smoke & Bone

It was about a year ago when we got word that Universal had acquired the screen rights to Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone, and now finally the studio is preparing to move ahead with it after landing a producer for the film.

Universal Parties with the Daughter of Smoke and Bone

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Paramount was in negotiations for the screen rights to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Unfortunately, they didn't get it. However, Universal did! Read on for details.

Paramount Looking to Introduce Us to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone

You know ... we could have sworn the title Daughter of Smoke and Bone came from an old Cheech and Chong record we used to listen to back in the day. Of course that's not the case, but man, the memories!