Laid to Rest

Laid to Rest: First Look at Killer!

Every great slasher movie needs a killer that's equally memorable, and if the recent trailer for Robert Hall's Laid to Rest is any indication of what to expect from the movie, a great slasher movie is exactly what we're gonna get!

Update: Laid to Rest DVD Date and Details

On your right you can see the final artwork for Rob Hall’s Laid to Rest, his woman-in-peril movie that finally has a DVD street date: April 21st, 2009.

Laid to Rest Clip!

Now this should make for a Happy Halloween; Robert Hall just dropped us an exclusive clip from his next film, Laid to Rest, which you can check out below! The story follows a girl who wakes up in a coffin, unaware of how she got there and pursued by a relentless madman in a mask.

SDCC 08: Laid to Rest Interviews

Robert Hall and Bobbi Sue Luther took some time to sit down with me at Comic-Con to talk about their latest fear film, Laid to Rest, and although it was uber-noisy in the room (we could barely hear each other and we were next to one another), there are still a lot of goodies to be dished!

SDCC 08: Media Blow-Out!

As I'm sure you can tell from the amount of stuff we've been posting lately, we have covered the hell out of Comic-Con 08. The best part? We're still not even close to done.

Comic Con Gallery Update!

We just added another gaggle of images to our official Comic Con gallery, including signings from the After Dark Horrorfest booth, Feast 2: Sloopy Seconds and Robert Hall’s Laid to Rest (pictured). What are you waiting for? Check it out now and expect more soon!

Better Look at Laid to Rest Poster

Hot on the heels of giving you guys a look at the official trailer for Robert Hall’s Laid to Rest, the man sent us over a much cleaner look at the film’s official poster, which you can set your eyes upon by moving them down a few inches. Be sure to visit the official Laid to Rest site to learn more about this highly anticipated stalk-n-slash!

Laid to Rest Trailer!

Director Robert Hall did us a solid today and sent over the trailer for his new horror film Laid to Rest, starring Bobbi Sue Luther, Lena Headey and kickass violence involving Prom Night stars!

SDCC 08: Prom Nighters Get Laid ... to Rest!

Robert Hall is currently in production of his slasher Laid to Rest, about a young woman who wakes up in a casket and must evade her maniac captor. However, Robert did take time out of his schedule to come to Comic-Con and chat it up with Uncle Creepy.

SDCC 08: Laid to Rest Poster & Site

Of all the updates flying around out there from the floor of San Diego Comic Con, some are far cooler than others. For example, STYD’s nabbing of the poster art for Rob Hall’s upcoming slasher flick Laid to Rest.

Exclusive: Robert Hall Talks Laid to Rest

Just last week we gave you the first word on the directorial return of Lightning Bug (review) helmer and Almost Human effects head Robert Hall, the slasher movie Laid to Rest. The film came out of nowhere, it seemed.

Lena Headey is Laid to Rest

Today we got a heads up about the latest film from Lightning Bug director/ Almost Human effects head Robert Hall’s latest film, Laid to Rest. Cameras will wrap on Rest Monday in Baltimore, so I’m actually amazed they’ve kept it this quiet for so long. Some plot? Why not!