Ladies of the Evil Dead

Give the Ladies of the Evil Dead This Holiday Season

Did you survive Black Friday with a few dollars left in your pocket? If so, you need to see the new 10-color "Ladies of the Evil Dead: Extreme Edition" T-shirt from Fright Rags. Designed by the amazing Jeff Zornow, the T features all three “Ladies” (Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, and Sarah York) jumping out of the design in full-color madness, ready to swallow the souls of would-be onlookers and recruit them to their legion of the undead!

Ladies of Evil Dead are Dangerous Women

Ah yes! Many a horror fan's childhood has been spent drooling over the Eighties-styled sex appeal of Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, and Sarah York (aka Theresa Tilly), or as we know them today, The Ladies of the Evil Dead! Pre-rotting and dismemberment of course! Ever wonder what this sultry trio is up to today? How about a new web series?