Kyle Rankin

Ray Wise Set to Destroy Kyle Rankin's Nuclear Family

Kyle Rankin, writer and director of the post-apocalyptic horror flick Infestation, is heading back to the subgenre that afforded him some critical success with another futuristic horror project. If you’re of the mind that we don’t get enough cannibal, mutant rapists in our steady diet of horror flicks, then you’re in luck!

Infestation (2009)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring Diane Gaeta, Deborah Geffner, VJ Kewl, Chris Marquette, Bru Muller, Ray Wise Directed Kyle Rankin

*UPDATE* New Stills from Infestation to Bug You Out!

Bugs are like living monsters. Think about it, man! They have claws, multiple eyes, pincers, frigin' horns, you name it! There's no reason for them to be crawling around on this planet ... unless of course it's to spread mayhem and carnage so that we can have a full scale war a la Starship Troopers and wipe them from existence.

Syfy's Summer of Schlock

The Sci-Fi Channel's name change to Syfy makes me think of a scene from the classic miniseries "Roots". The evil white man wanted to change Kunta Kinte's name to Toby. They whipped him until he said it. Afterwards, a fellow African told him they can call him whatever they want; he knows his true name is Kunta Kinte. Bonnie Hammer can use that bullwhip on me all she wants; I know that Syfy will always be Sci-Fi, and not just because the words are pronounced exactly the same.

Infestation Trailer Hits

The official trailer for Kyle Rankin’s giant bugs invade Earth film, Infestation, showed up over on Icon Films’ official site, but all you have to do to see it is scroll down a bit! For those not remembering, the horror/comedy follows a loser who is tasked with saving the world from giant insects after he somehow survives their invasion.

New Infestation Poster!

The sad truth is we still have no idea what the status is on Kyle Rankin’s follow-up to Battle of Shaker Heights, the giant bug movie Infestation, but when new key art for the film shows up online that’s usually a good sign.

Infestation Online

Giant bugs have taken over the world. Only a ragtag group of survivors are left to save the world, or at the very least get someplace safe. It doesn't hurt that our hero happens to join up with a very attractive young woman. Isn't that always the way at the end of the world?

Marquette Faces an Infestation

We were one of the first to tell you about the premiere film from Hell Holes creator Kyle Rankin, Infestation (read it here, if ya missed it), and I’m happy to say that it looks like things are moving along nicely for the flick.

*UPDATED!* Rankin Gets Infested

**UPDATED: Full plot details revealed!** In a spot buried in a Variety story about a new comedy project, we just learned what the next feature project for Project Greenlight winner and Hell Holes star/co-creator Kyle Rankin will be.