Kyôfu Taikan: Ju-on

Ju-On The Video Game Available Now

Every now and again to remind us that a certain product is coming out, companies send us some really cool stuff in the mail, but XSEED Games has taken the cake with how they sent us over our copy of Ju-On: The Grudge Haunted House Simulator.

Exclusive: Ju-On The Grudge Video Game Interview and New Screens

For fans of the Ju-on franchise, or The Grudge as it is known here, the date of October 13th cannot arrive soon enough. Why's that, you ask?

Exclusive: Ju-On The Video Game Hands-On!

Ju-On: The Grudge for the Wii takes place in the fantastical movie universe we’ve come to love. There are no nubile young hussies who seem to beg for a beheading here. You are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now you and your family are cursed for it.

Ju-On Game Coming to US in October! New Images!

All I can say is hallelujah! After the disappointing cancellation of the fourth Fatal Frame game in the States, hopes were next to nil that we'd see the recently announced Ju-On game here. God forbid we get something other than Cooking Mama or Barbie's Horse Adventure!

Trailer - Ju-on Wii Game

Those of you excited to experience the terror that Takashi Shimizu created first-hand will be pleased to see that a trailer has surfaced for the upcoming Wii game Kyôfu Taikan: Ju-on -- roughly translated as Experience Fear: The Grudge.

Ju-on Game Update! More Movies Coming?

Wow, that was quick. Apparently someone out there does read Japanese. Kevin over at Nippon Cinema contacted us in the wee hours last night (not the Wii hours … oh I slay me) with news of his post explaining the details on the teaser site juongame that we English-only types didn’t pick up on.

Ju-on Creator Makes A Grudge Game?

I'd read recently that Ju-on creator Takashi Shimizu was getting involved with game development, but the actual project wasn't clear. Now it appears to be a game set in The Grudge universe.