Kristopher Turner

New A Little Bit Zombie Clip Offers a Quick Bite

There's an age old living dead related question... will zombies eat all living things or just humans? Well, in terms of the new horror comedy on its way from up North, A Little Bit Zombie, that question is totally answered. Dig in!

Phase 4 Likes Things A Little Bit Zombie

Those of you looking forward to seeing Stephen McHattie play a zombie hunter have a really good reason to be happy right now! The Canadian horror comedy A Little Bit Zombie has finally found a home Stateside. Read on for details.

Canadian Zombie Fans - Your Presence is Requested at the A Little Bit Zombie Screenings

We're not going to make the cliché Canadian joke here. No Mackenzie Brothers reference or hosers or eh? We're not even going to ask if you're elbow deep in Tim Horton's donuts. We've just got a request from filmmaker Casey Walker ... go see A Little Bit Zombie.

A Little Bit Zombie - Check out More of Penelope Pendleton's Log

More zombie themed hijinx have appeared online for A Little Bit Zombie as the third viral video in promotion of the indie flick has landed in our laps. Check it out!

A Little Bit Zombie - Check out Penelope Pendleton's Log

You know, if you have a deranged scat fetish, you could really take the above headline the wrong way. Still, there's something for everyone here on Dread Central, and on tap right now is another viral video from A Little Bit Zombie.

Canadian Release Details for A Little Bit Zombie; A Glimpse into the Life of Zombie Hunter Max

We've been waiting to hear news of when Casey Walker's A Little Bit Zombie will be available to the masses, and while US release info is coming soon, we do know when our brothers and sisters in the Great White North will be able to see it.

A New Poster Arrives for A Little Bit Zombie

One flick we know you guys are going to dig once it's released is Casey Walker's A Little Bit Zombie. It's that rare breed of a "zombedy" film that actually works! Check out the new official one-sheet created by Tom Hodge, aka The Dude Designs, and look for more soon!

Canada Enters the Undead Fray with A Little Bit Zombie

O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we'll soon see the dead rise in Casey Walker's A Little Bit Zombie.