Kristina Anapau

Inception Media Group Unleashing 5 Souls onto DVD

No, this is not a prequel to the recently released 6 Souls, but if you wanna make believe it is, we wouldn't be entirely against that, if only for fun. Seriously, what we have here is another prime example of why you should never make a pact with the Devil.

A Sneak Peek Clip from Grimm Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

We don't know about you guys, but we are more than ready for the return of "Grimm" on NBC this Friday with Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," and finally NBC has released a clip from the ep, which is introduced by fan favorite Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe).

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

"Grimm" returns to the airwaves on Friday, September 28th, and NBC should have a clip or two to show us shortly. While we wait, here are a few stills from the upcoming Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd".

Grimm Is on the Move; Watch a Preview of Episode 2.05 - The Good Shepherd

NBC's experiment of moving "Grimm" to Monday nights has ended, and the show returns to its regular Friday night 9:00 pm time slot on September 28th. Check out this preview of Episode 2.05, "The Good Shepherd," in which "True Blood"'s Kristina Anapau guest stars.

True Blood's Kristina Anapau Guest Starring in Grimm Ep. 2.05 - The Good Shepherd; Full Synopsis Released

As her stint on "True Blood" as Maurella, a fairy, ends, Kristina Anapau is heading to another genre show, having been cast in Episode 2.05 of NBC's "Grimm" as a different type of creature, a Seelengut. Read on for the details and a full synopsis of the ep, titled "The Good Shepherd."

Two Clips from True Blood Episode 5.11 - Sunset

The sun is about to set on Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood," and we have a couple of clips from this week's penultimate episode, appropriately entitled "Sunset." Is Jason about to undergo a transformation?

Preview of True Blood Episode 5.11 - Sunset; Synopsis of the Season 5 Finale - Save Yourself

After loving the "True Blood" Vampire Authority earlier this season, we're now ready for things to come to a head with that group and for Bill and Eric to get back to Bon Temps. Check out this preview of Episode 5.11, "Sunset," to see if we get our wish.

Who Will Save Your 5 Souls?

When tragedy strikes, the first thing we do is look for someone to blame. Most of the time there is no one ... but sometimes? Well sometimes there is, and sooner or later cosmic retribution will come their way!

Four US Cities to Hold The Black Swan Experience: Midnight Screenings

Still haven't seen the multiple award-winning Black Swan yet? Well, if you live in one of the four cities hosting interactive midnight screenings of "The Black Swan Experience" on Saturday, April 2nd, you now have your chance -- for FREE!

Get an Inside Look at the Visual Effects of Black Swan

In between the scenes of Natalie Portman finding new and exciting places in which to masturbate, there were some pretty cool effects sequences in Darren Aronofsky's award-winning film Black Swan, and we've got a look at just some of how it was all pulled off. Hey! I just found a way to incorporate the terms "masturbate" and "pulled off" within the same sentence! It must be Friday!

First Look at the Blu-ray and DVD Artwork for Black Swan

The Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated sensation Black Swan is officially on its way to both Blu-ray and DVD, and though information is on the scarce side of the fence, we already have a look at the artwork for you! Official Synopsis:

Nataile Portman Sticks a Golden Globe into Her Black Swan

And the award for dirtiest sounding headline goes to ... Yeah, we know. Sorry, but we just couldn't resist. The Golden Globes have come and gone, and the genre didn't see much love at the end of the night.

Nine Clips to Help Prep You to Stroke Your Black Swan this Weekend

The headline says it all, does it not? We have nine quick looks at this weekend's horror offering, Black Swan, for you guys to dig on all in one nifty place free of feathers and heavy on creepiness.

Natalie Portman Shakes Her Booty and Our Nerves in New Black Swan Clip

This weekend Natalie Portman will be dancing her way into our horror-loving hearts with Black Swan, and we have a clip for you that shows just how light on her feet she is! Look for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan in theatres on December 3rd from Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Black Swan Video Interview Blow-Out - Darren Aronofsky, Natalie Portman, Barbara Hershey, Mila Kunis, and Vincent Cassel

Looking forward to checking out Black Swan this Friday? Yeah, we are too. To get you in the spirit of things for this year's last major theatrical horror release we've got a battery of video interviews for you guys to dig on! Look for Darren Aronofsky's psychological thriller Black Swan in theatres on December 3rd from Fox Searchlight Pictures.