Kristen Hager

Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver Talk Being Human Season 2 (Part One); New Promo Photos Revealed!

Earlier this week Syfy hosted a lengthy conference call with "Being Human" executive producers Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver so they could tell us what's coming up in the new season, including a few guest stars to be on the lookout for, along with providing some new promo photos. Read on for Part 1 of the call (Part 2 will follow next week), and look for the Season 2 premiere of "Being Human" on January 16th.

Sink Your Fangs Into Valemont on October 31st

Just where do vampires go to learn how to deal with humans on a day-to-day basis? Can't exactly head down to the nearest etiquette class or check out a local finishing school. Vamps have to be a bit more creative. Thankfully they have Valemont... a place that teaches the undead how to deal with the not yet undead.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Leslie, My Name Is Evil

Everybody grab your copy of the Beatles' White Album, light some incense, and go helter skelter over Trembles' review this week of Leslie, My Name Is Evil starring Kristen Hager as Leslie Van Houten, a member of the infamous Manson Family.

Seven Clips from Leslie, My Name is Evil

Okay, Manson fans (killer, not musician), we've scored not one, not even two, but seven clips of Charlie inspired mayhem for you from the newest little "family" flick on the block ... Leslie, My Name is Evil.

Trailer for Leslie, My Name is Evil Pleases Charlie

Every now and then it's good to revisit old Charlie and his crazy family. Allow us to introduce Leslie or, as she's better known, Evil! *cues up Helter Skelter*