Kris Hulbert

Exclusive Clip Found in The Perfect House

The indie horror flick The Perfect House was the first film to debut on Facebook and now it's coming to DVD. To remind you of its spooky goodness, we have a brand new exclusive clip for you guys to chew on! Dig it!

How Will You React to This New Trailer for The Perfect House?

Remember a few years back when the anthology The Perfect House was the first film to debut on Facebook? Well, it's now available for download from sites like Amazon and iTunes so distributor Gravitas Ventures has released one of those newfangled audience reaction trailers for it.

First Details of the 20-City Tour for The Perfect House

Prior to its worldwide Facebook launch on October 1st, horror anthology The Perfect House will go on a 20-city tour of the United States, which will start in Austin, Texas, and end in Buffalo, New York. In addition, the tour has its first sponsor: Hart D. Fisher's American Horrors.

The Perfect House to Be First New Film Launched on Facebook

Can it get any easier for kids today? (In best crusty old man voice) "Back in my day we actually had to go to the theater to see a movieā€¦none of this VHS, DVD nonsense." And now, thanks to FlickLaunch, we don't even need to trouble ourselves with that VHS, DVD nonsense. Just sign on to Facebook. and you're able to check out the premiere of The Perfect House.

The Perfect House for a Horror Anthology

The good thing about horror anthologies is that if you get bored with one story, you only have to wait a few moments for the next one to begin! It's perfect viewing for audiences with A.D.D.! Hopefully the latest horror anthology The Perfect House will be nothing but good and you'll want to relish every spook-filled second!