AMC Bringing More Terror to the Small Screen With Galyntine and Knifeman

AMC is further padding its genre programming with two new series on the way: one called "Galyntine" and the other "Knifeman." No relation to the 60s folk group Galyntine and Knifeman. Garkfunkel wept. Read on for details.

Tim Roth Signed to Star in David Cronenberg's Knifeman TV Series

Back in March we first learned about "Knifeman", a new television adaptation heading our way from David Cronenberg, and today comes word as to who will be starring in it. Read on for the details.

David Cronenberg and Sam Raimi Bringing a Knifeman to TV

No, we are not talking about the world's coolest informercial (though that would be hilarious). What we've got on tap for you here is a new television adaptation heading your way from two masters of their craft!