Knetter's Monthly Blood

Knetter's Monthly Blood: Hope

From the twisted mind and sexy ass of famous horror author Joe Knetter comes another twisted tale of love, loss, and gore-soaked grue. Think you have the stomach for it?

Knetter's Monthly Blood: Dishes

The man! The myth! The ass! Joe Knetter's back with another tale (or is it tail?) of bowel shaking horror that is guaranteed to make you uncomfortable! Dare you read on?

Knetter's Monthly Blood: Bad Vibrations

Knetter's back with another tale guaranteed to get your libido cooking and your blood pumping! Dig it!

Fucking Scary Movies

Sheila lied in her bed trying to shake the creepy feeling that someone was watching her. Her husband had got stuck working a double shift at the factory and wouldn’t be home until morning. That left her and her three-year-old daughter Cynthia home alone. She wasn’t one to normally freak herself out, but she had stumbled upon a zombie movie on TV earlier and watched it for a few minutes. A few minutes too long she now thought. The dead were ripping someone in half when she changed it.

The Only Way

A school bus full of young children crashes, small bodies lie strewn about the road in gore soaked clumps. A beautiful, angelic-looking girl’s severed head looks up from the shoulder of the road. She winks. An old woman is sodomized by two men. They use the rolling pin she had just used to make the crust for her apple pie she had hoped would win first place at the county fair. Her tormentors laugh as her anus and vagina tear open creating one large bloody hole.

A Very Dark Xmas

“Santa’s coming tonight. Santa’s coming tonight”, Ricky yelled.

Ice Bath

“Hey fat ass, watch where you’re going”, the man yelled as Budd slipped on the ice and bumped into him. “Sorry”, Budd mumbled, regaining his balance.

A Truly Grand Day

Tyler stood in line and waited to get into the amusement park. His stomach fluttered with a nervousness that caused his colon to quiver. He felt that at any moment his bowels could evacuate, spilling feces down his legs in a cascading waterfall of stink. Looking at the bright blue, metal gates that surrounded the park made him begin to feel dizzy. He closed his eyes and slowly counted to ten. It seemed to help him when he began to feel the onset of an anxiety attack.

The Puzzle

Nick was able to get a dumpster delivered to their house within an hour of getting the papers. The papers were hand delivered by some pasty faced young man with a ponytail and a shit-eating grin plastered on his face. Nick closed the door and carried the papers to the kitchen table where he sat down to read them. It only took him a few minutes to get the gist of it. Lydia, his wife of nine years, had decided that the break in their marriage they had been taking should become permanent.