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Exclusive First Look at Rule #3 from Zombieland the Series

If you've been following along on the "Zombieland" TV series Facebook page, they've been posting pretty cool graphics for several of the show's rules of survival, and we have an exclusive early look at Rule #3 right here!

Zombieland the Series Illustrates How to Kill a Zombie

The "Zombieland" pilot is still running on Amazon Instant in hopes of being turned into a full fledged series, and the show's Facebook page has posted a pretty cool graphic illustration of "How to Kill a Zombie" that you can check out right here.

Zombieland (TV Series)

Starring Kirk Ward, Tyler Ross, Maiara Walsh, Izabela Vidovic, Kendra Fountain Directed by Eli Craig Distributed by Amazon Studios

Zombieland TV Series... AVAILABLE LATER! No, Really!

We, like many of you, hit up Amazon Instant today to check out the pilot episode of "Zombieland." There was just one little problem. Despite the trailer stating that you could go and watch it now, that was not the case.

Zombieland TV Series... AVAILABLE NOW! First Trailer!

Well... that was even faster than we thought. Apparently, if you have Amazon Instant, you can head on over and watch the pilot episode of their new series "Zombieland" right now. Or at least that's what the trailer suggests. Check it out!

Amazon's Zombieland Going Live in Two Days?

Now we know that when it comes to the entertainment industry, things can and do move quickly when possible, but will you be able to watch the pilot episode of Amazon Studios' "Zombieland" in just a couple of days?

New Image from Amazon's Zombieland Needs Oral Adhesive

The main thing that sucks about being an elderly zombie? Unless you have your teeth, you're gonna have to gum your human flesh food. If you're lucky enough to have croaked with your dentures in, as you'll see in this new still from "Zombieland," the bond is anything but permanent!

A Smoking New One-Sheet for Amazon's Zombieland TV Pilot

Hot on the heels of the first official still from Amazon's "Zombieland" pilot comes the first official teaser poster! Is this a sign that there are some good, funny, and violent things upon the horizon? Let's hope so!

Future of Zombieland Series in YOUR Hands; First Official Still

Our friends over at Amazon Studios sent out an interesting press release regarding their upcoming pilot for the proposed "Zombieland" TV series along with your first look at the new (old) gang all together. Check 'em both out now.

First Look at Zombieland TV Series is Gut-Ripping Good!

Are you worried about whether or not the upcoming "Zombieland" TV series for Amazon Studios will deliver the undead goods? Yeah, so were we. But this first set of paparazzi pics from the set courtesy of the Pacific Coast News and Screen Crush have eased our minds big time.

Zombieland - Kirk Ward found in Tallahassee

If you thought Woody Harrelson had a hard time finding Twinkies in the movie version of Zombieland, we can pretty much guarantee that the hunt will be even worse for Kirk Ward, who is stepping into Tallahassee's shoes for Amazon Studios' "Zombieland" TV show!