Kino Lorber

Count Orlok Returns to Life with Kino Lorber's Restoration of Nosferatu

A week or so ago we told you that the 1922 F.W. Murnau classic Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror was seeing a Blu-ray release in the UK. Immediately afterwards we began to wonder... okay well, where's our North American release. Well, it's right here!

Kino Lorber's Horizon Movies Catches Itself a Pig

So, you wake up in the desert one day, with absolutely no memory of anything that's happened to you or even how you got here. In my younger days I would refer to that as Thursday, but when it comes to the movie biz, what we are talking about is the sci-fi thriller Pig.

Jacob: Unrated Director's Cut (Blu-ray)

Starring Dylan Thorne, Grace Powell, Larry Wade Carrell Written and directed by Larry Wade Carrell

Horror Homage Mr. Hush Heading Home August 7th

Mr. Hush, writer/director/producer David Lee Madison's horror homage, is heading to home video on August 7th courtesy of Horizon Movies' Kino Lorber division. Read on for the film's cast members, synopsis, and a trailer.