Kinju Fukasaku

Battle Royale - Tugg it to a Theatre Near You; Mondo Poster Unveiled

If you've already seen the glory that is Battle Royale, then you know exactly how cool it would be to see it on the big screen in a theatre near you. Now you can make that happen, and if you need any more incentive, check out this amazing new poster from Mondo.

An Inside Look at the Making of Battle Royale and a Bloody New Blu-ray Clip

Aw yeah, mama! I can feel that arterial blood spray from here. Wanna bathe in it. Love it up! Oh yeah, sweet baby. Bring on the red stuff. You know how we like it. Warm and inviting, sugar. Sorry about that head flying through the air.

Anchor Bay Takes Battle Royale on the Road

Not content with just dropping Battle Royale onto home video in a truly stellar edition, the fine folks at Anchor Bay have announced that they will be taking the much heralded flick across the U.S.A. theatrically! Rock and roll, baby!

Know the Rules in This Latest Blu-ray / DVD Clip from Battle Royale

When it comes to the upcoming release of Battle Royale here in the States, we're still pinching ourselves to see if we'll wake up. We couldn't be happier that the flick is on its way in grand fashion, and we've got a new clip on tap to keep both us and you excited!

B-Sides: Green Slime Screaming 'Cross Your Mind

A trippy, late 1960’s rock song that blends acid rock with an Etherwave theremin has the potential to be awesome as is. Make that song about killer green slime from outer space, and you have one of the greatest B-Sides of all time. It’s Green Slime time!