King Kong

A Look at the Original King Kong on Blu-ray

Finally the granddaddy of them all, the original 1933 masterpiece King Kong, is hitting Blu-ray high definition next week, September 28th, and we've got a look at not only the cover art but three clips from the disc's bonus features! Start beating those drums!

Preview: Dread Central Rides: King Kong 360 3D!

I'll never forget that fateful morning driving westbound on the I-134 and rounding the bend to see Universal Studios in flames. The pillars of smoke rose high enough to blot out the sun, and all of us were left with an unbearable sadness as miles of backlot - including Hill Valley, the King Kong exhibit, and vaults of archival material - perished in that godawful fire. Thankfully, Universal and Peter Jackson have made the best of a bad situation, and we now have a brand-new Kong attraction.

Final Teaser Trailer - King Kong 360 3D

Lots of theme park goers will be spending the Fourth of July weekend at Universal Studios Hollywood to take part in what will no doubt be an historical afternoon as the biggest gorilla of them all takes up residence in his new stomping grounds.

Peter Jackson Discusses the King Kong 3D Attraction at Universal Studios

As an unabashed lover of Peter Jackson's King Kong remake, today's news has me all kinds of giddy! There have been lots of rumblings of a new Universal Studios attraction involving the Eighth Wonder of the World, and now you can hear all about it from the director himself!

King Kong 360 3D: Kong Attacks the Santa Monica Pier!

The second in a series of viral videos in support of the grand opening of Universal's King Kong 360 3D attraction has hit the Net, and we've got all the destruction for you as it happens!

The Original 1933 King Kong Coming to Blu-ray

It's reporting news like this that makes me thrilled to run a horror website. That's right, kids! The true king of the giant monster jungle is getting ready to leave his mark on Blu-ray High Definition!

King Kong 360 3D: Kong Attacks Dodger Stadium!

The first in what we are guessing is an upcoming series of viral videos in support of the grand opening of Universal's King Kong 3D attraction has hit the Net, and we've got all the destruction for you as it happens!

Peter Jackson Talks Universal's New King Kong 3D Attraction

Hearts of fans everywhere were broken when the King Kong attraction burned down at Universal Studios LA a couple of years ago. But you can't keep a good ape down. Especially one so pissed off and huge! We're happy to announce that Kong is now back, and bigger and badder than ever!

Dread Central Tours the Upcoming King Kong 360 3D Ride

Earlier this morning Dread Central was invited to a very preliminary sneak peek at the upcoming King Kong attraction that will be integrated into the backlot tour at Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park this summer.

More Details on Universal's New 3D King Kong Ride

Universal promises -- He’s never been this real. “Kong, The Eighth Wonder of the World” is set to rise from the ashes to astound studio tour guests this summer as the King Kong 360 3D Attraction is coming to Universal Studios, and we've got the first details!

Badass New Teaser Promo for Universal's New King Kong Ride

A few months ago we told you about King Kong coming back to Universal Hollywood (the original ride burned down in a fire) as a 4D attraction. Now that the first promotional trailer for the ride has gone live, our curiosity and our interest have hit a fever pitch.

The King is Back! New Kong Ride Debuts at Universal This Summer!

The June 2008 backlot fire at Universal Studios was tragic on several levels but none more so than the loss of the great King Kong ride that was a staple of the theme park. Gone for good was the giant animatronic monkey and his banana-scented breath. It left quite a void. Thankfully said void is about to be filled.

Badass Short-Film: StopMo

Every now and again a short film will catch our eye, and we just can't help but want to spread the word about it. Like giant monsters brawling? Fans of King Kong and Jurassic Park? Then you need to sit back and enjoy StopMo!

Beauties and Their Beasts in the Horror Genre

Throughout history there have been tales, legends, what-have-you about beautiful women and their effect on creatures considered unworthy or dangerous or abominations. The “love of a good woman” scenario carried to an extreme as these women do indeed usually fall in love with their hideous “captors”.

King Kong is Back at Universal Hollywood!

After being claimed by some particularly nasty fires in California, everyone's favorite horny gorilla is back with a brand new ride and some brand new tricks! But will he still have the banana breath?!? Check out the glorious news in the press release below: