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New Artwork Emerges as Bunyan Prepares to Swing His Axe for the First Time at Shockfest

We’ve been following the progress of the new folklore-inspired horror flick Bunyan. If you’re at Shockfest in Hollywood next weekend you’ll be the first to get a chance to see the giant lumberjack chop up some campers.

The Bunyan Trailer Starts Swinging!

Fairy tales and folklore seem to be all the rage lately, and speaking of rage, what could be more horrifying than a pissed off and gigantic killer swinging an axe big enough to take down a building?

Paul Bunyan: Giant Axe Murderer

Producer Jeff Miller sent over some info and production stills from his new horror flick Bunyan, which puts a spin on Paul Bunyan, the mythological mountain of a man lumberjack of folk tales, by transforming him into a monstrous maniac ready to put the axe to a camp full of troubled teens.